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1) I could not find a Thesis. Throughout the essay, he talks about how college-level writers can most times be boring and repetitive when it comes to their essays. 2) He says the first step is to write down the argument that comes to mind, but to not use it, because that’s probably what everyone else is going to write about. 3) He recommends avoiding obvious content, taking the less usual side and to always write everything as vigorously as possible. 4) He argues that the goal for a writer is to find the right approach in order for the audience to understand his side. 1) All good writers write “shitty” first drafts, but you should still write them regardless of how bad they might turn out. 2) She directly states her thesis in the essay, gives an example of when she …show more content…

1) The thesis is that language is an instrument which we can shape however we want to meet our purposes. 2) He states that because writing is a tool, politicians have seemed to molded it to their designs; therefore convincing people of certain actions. 3) The process of poor writing and thinking is reversible. Clear genuine language, will support clear thinking. According to him, the most common characteristic in political writing is staleness. 4) Various examples are given on how we can be vague, but that this should be avoided at all costs seeing that, it often lacks meaning and avoiding this will result in thinking clearly. 1) To improve your skills you should decide a purpose, practice all the fundamentals, and look for a meaning while writing down new words. 2) State your topic as a question, be specific about what your claim is and try to answer that question. 3) All writing must have a purpose and a goal, what you write and how you write it will be influenced by what you envision, and there should always be a clear

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