Rhetorical Devices Used In How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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What makes a piece of writing effective? A piece of writing includes many things that make it effective, such as the style that appeals to the reader and rhetorical devices used in the writing that make it much more interesting. In this piece of writing titled “ How to tame a wild tongue “ includes many of these things. Even starting with the title it makes me curious as to what the piece will be about. There are two devices Anzaldua uses effectively in her essay which are anecdotes and parallel structure. These rhetorical devices further the message Anzaldua is trying to present of how it is difficult for someone to learn a whole new language. First of all, is the use of anecdotes in “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”. Anzaldua provides many anecdotes within her writing to give the reader an example of the struggles she had as a child learning english. For example, when the commences Anzaldua says “ I remember being caught speaking Spanish at recess-that was good for 3 licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler.” The use of this anecdote makes Anzaldua’s writing more potent because she is giving the readers examples of the consequences that were given if one were to speak spanish. She is attempting to show the …show more content…

Although when she wrote this it did not connect to many reader but now that immigration is at its highest peak is is bound to be connected to many immigrants as well as Mexican-Americans. Anzaldua was frowned upon due to her lack of english, and they wanted to obliterate her native language which was spanish. Now, many believe that english is the language all should know, but in reality it's not. A person's native language is a language that should stay with them forever. This native language is what makes them who they are, it helps develop their

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