Zoos Advantages And Disadvantages

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If we talk about zoos, we will think that zoos are the place for travel, rest, learn and entertain of visitors. In fact, zoos also have profound matters that we never known before. In this essay will discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of zoos. Why zoos are good? First of all, zoos are safe for animals. According to No place Like Home article by Mr. Steve Smith wrote that animals in the wild are not free. They have no time to relax. They must constantly use their time to find food and to stay safe. They cannot go anywhere they like because it may mean they trespass on other animals ' territory and then they must fight. For example, strong animals have to eat vulnerable animals, such as, deer. They always were attacked by tiger or lion. Should they live in zoos, they will be safe. Next, zoos are the place of education. A study at the Edinburgh Zoo tracks visitors who enter a primate exhibit ‘Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre’ in the Edinburgh Zoo. The exhibit is outfitted with a behavioral research center, and on many occasions researchers are present and working with the primates. The study aimed to determine if watching the researchers had any impact on visitor experience. Moreover, zoos have experts to enlighten the visitors. For instance, we watch a snake show, the expert will tell us about the kind of snake, the toxin of each snakes and the prevention when we were bitten by a snake. Thirdly, zoos have

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