Jack Hanna's Struggle In Monkeys On The Interstate

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It’s a fun time seeing the animals at the zoo, but do the animals love living there? This is what Jack Hanna thought throughout the book Monkeys on the Interstate by John Stravinsky. Most people are in the zoo business not for the well being of the animals, but instead for the money. On the other hand jack Hanna's first priority is the animals.
A man who attended Donald Trump's rally in North Carolina was arrested and charged Thursday after multiple videos posted online appear to show him punching a protester in the face and later saying, "The next time we see him, we might have to kill him."

John McGraw, 78, was questioned and arrested by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office in connection with the incident after police identified him as the man in the
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"This ugly incident confirms that the politics of division has no place in our country. Mr. Trump should take responsibility for addressing his supporters' violent actions."

Trump rallies increasingly have been the site of confrontations between protesters and supporters, though this incident appears to be the first time a rally attendee was charged with assaulting a protester.

A Black Lives Matter protester was tackled, punched and kicked by attendees at a Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama, last fall, though no charges were ever issued.

Trump has drawn heat for how he has addressed violence against protesters, saying last fall that the Black Lives Matter protester maybe "should have been roughed up."

And despite an announcement at the start of his rallies urging protesters not to be violent toward protesters, Trump in February urged his supporters to "knock the crap out of" In conclusion the zoo can be a suitable home for animals, but the employes have to make the zoo a suitable home. Zoos have to sacrifice Money, time, and love to help the animals. In other words, a zoo can only be as amazing as the man in
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