Batman Returns Essays

  • Batman Returns In The Movie Batman

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    Slide 2: • Batman -1989 • Batman Returns – 1992 • Batman Begins – 2005 • Dark Knight – 2008 Slide 3: • 1 dimensional • Simply batman>We know very little about why he is batman and also very little about why he is doing what he is doing. It is hardly mentioned that his parents died and we have to come to our own conclusions which are that he is getting revenge on the joker for killing his parents to restore justice to the city of darkness. • He is very arrogant because he believes he can get rid

  • German Expressionism: Film Analysis

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    German Expressionism deals with many characteristics ranging from storyline, to bold artistic styles, to dealing with “intellectual” topics, to set design & location, and even character appearance. All of these if not more, The films starts out with a simple yet creative storyline of a real estate agent (Thomas Hutter) who is sent to Transylvania to visit a new client (Count Orlok) to convince him to move to Wisburg. Now this “client”is also rumored of bringing a plague to this quiet town. During

  • Third Satire Exposed In Johnson's Poem, London

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    Compare and contrast Christopher Nolan's portrayal of Gotham city in the Batman trilogy with Johnson's portrayal of the city of London. Samuel Johnson's poem, 'London' is an imitation of Juvenal’s ‘Third Satire’ which was written in 1738. The poem talks about the problems in the city of London at the time under the governance of Robert Walpole. It is a political satire where the main character, Thales is about to leave London as the city is brimming with corruption and crime and he cannot endure

  • Compare And Contrast Batman And Beowulf

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    poem about heroism. In fact one scholar notes, “Legends and superheros present us with something very local in its ethics. It's not messianic. It's far more tangible” (Rhys Ifans). Beowulf is considered a legend in the English Literature world. Batman is considered a superhero in the DC Comic industry. However, even though they’re from different times and put in different situations, they have as much in common as they have different, especially in courage, smartness and the willing to fight evil

  • Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Batman

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    Chapter I- Introduction If one has to define a hero, it’ll be defined as someone who possesses strength, bravado, and ethics and most importantly he must fight evil. These characteristics apply to Beowulf and to a modern hero like Batman with slight modifications. Both of these came from different time period but both have a great impact on their society. Beowulf Beowulf is the 3182 lines longest surviving Old English poem. It survives in a single manuscript, thought to date from the turn of eleventh

  • Vigilantism In The Killing Joke

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    of the book. Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman. Bruce grew a mustache and is wearing a racing helmet with the upper face being covered. The mustache indicates the amount of time that has passed since Bruce’s retirement as Batman. However, the resemblance of the helmet as his Batman costume foreshadows the inevitable return of Bruce Wayne as Batman. Therefore, the motif is established right away. 2. B) The passage is from almost the end of the book, when Batman chases after Joker, who is running around

  • Batman Telltale Sequence

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    WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE Telltale has done a spectacular job introducing mechanical elements harmonizing with the narrative; in Batman - The Telltale Series there are systems gameifying all aspects of the Batman experience. The quick-time event action sequences return in one of their most well-implemented ways to date. There are also investigation segments where Batman theorizes how an event transpired based on crime scene evidence. Telltale utilizes both traditional point-n-click mechanics as well

  • Superheros Essay Examples

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    Superheros are Lit/Superheros Characteristics When I was 10 years old I really got into superheros when I saw Batman begins for the first time I loved the fact that Batman went through so much training to become a hero to find who killed his parents and Batman was a billionaire who wanted to help his city come back to the way it was before his parents died. The best superheroes have certain traits that make them unique from other superheroes for example superheroes have some sort of power

  • Jim Gordon's Speech In The Dark Knight

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    Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Batman has disappeared since the night of Harvey Dent's death. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Jim Gordon has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dent's crimes. At a function celebrating Dent, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction

  • Batman Compared To Beowulf

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    Many people believe that Batman is the world’s greatest made up hero and detective, he only does things that will help the world. People loved the comics of Batman so much, they turned it into many serious of movies. Batman is a modern day hero, however back in the 7th century the poem Beowulf was the world’s greatest made up hero. Beowulf was originally an epic poem, then turned into a novel Beowulf a New Telling by Robert Nye. Beowulf was the first English Literature to be written, written around

  • Superheroes In American Culture

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    Superheroes have remained some of the most popular figures throughout American culture in the 20th and 21st centuries. It seems we cannot go a year without a new Batman, X-Men, Superman, Iron man or Captain America movie coming out. But what is it about superheroes that hold America’s attention? Jeffrey Lang and Patrick Trimble argue in their article “What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” that the reason superheroes have remained relevant is because of their connection to the American monomyth. Lang

  • The Role Of Hero In Stephen King's 'Misery'

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    Whenever people think about hero, oftenly, they will think of soldiers, firefighters or some fictional character like superman and batman. Hero is someone who is noble, and worth people pay respect of. In other words, the word hero and victim are hardly mentioned together. However, in Stephen King’s novel, “Misery”, the character Paul is not only a victim but a truly hero to himself and also to many readers. He escapes from Annie Wilkes, the devil figure, fully based on himself as he is completely

  • Superhero In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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    Superhero is defined as, “a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman”. With the exception of fictional characters, there is no one in our society with superhuman powers. In everyday life when humans think of a superhero, the immediate thought that comes to mind are these made up abilities. Despite this cliche image seen in movies or read in comics, superheroes in this world usually do not have those superhuman abilities. Versions of a superhero in reality is an individual

  • The Hero's Lesson In The Film Watchmen

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    Watchmen is full of superheroes, kinda. Superheros are people with extraordinary powers that others don 't have, superheroes also have the ambitions and values that a hero may have. These two things combine to make a superhero who they are. All of the heroes presented and seen in Watchmen have no extraordinary powers. These people are still considered superheroes because of there crazy need and desire to help others. Only one person shows real superpowers and that is Doctor Manhattan. He was a scientist

  • The Pirates Film Analysis

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    The Pirates is a British/American animation film, produced in 2012 by Aardman Animations in partnership with Sony Pictures Animation. It is also a swashbuckler movie, in similarity with “The pirates of The Caribbean”. Swashbuckler means that it contains a lot of sword fighting. Aardman Animations earlier produced the Wallace & Gromit movies, and you can see very many similarities between “The pirates!” and the Wallace & Gromit movies in the way it is animated. The first time we meet the pirates

  • Harvey Dent Character Analysis

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    In the movie “Batman: the dark knight” (2008), we are introduced to the character Harvey Dent. He is the District Attorney of Gotham City. Everyone loves him, he is charming and good looking and most important is that he fights for justice. Even though he is a good man, he uses his father’s lucky coin to gain benefits for himself; he suggests playing coin toss over many different things, mainly involving Rachel (the woman Harvey wants to marry). He always picks head because there is a picture of

  • Auteur Movie Analysis

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    At first glance, it seems easy to be considered as a film auteur director but sadly it is not as easy as it seem. Auteur theory may be deceptively simply with a basic premise who’s the movie director in some circumstances. Not every director who produced film or countless films can be assigned with the title of ‘Author’. Ironically, only the director who owns a strong unique personality that who tend to imposes his own personal or favorite personality into the film can be easily given in the title

  • Superhero Genre In Cinema

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    The evolution and differences in the superhero genre in cinema through the example of Superman Introduction The superhero genre in cinema is a category that includes all the films which involve at least one superhero. A superhero is a costumed character who possesses special powers, such as the power to fly, and tries to make something good out of it, like fighting villains and protecting people. The first real superhero movie is Superman and the mole men, directed by Lee Sholem and released

  • The Watchmen Movie Analysis

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    Moore, Alan, and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen. New York: DC Comics Inc, 1987. Print. In the first issue of The Watchmen, Gibbons and Moore use their talents to sets the opening scene as a mystery of one of the characters death. This set the tone for one of the other characters, Rorschach to enter in as the narrator to discover the truth of the crime and a walkthrough of his life as a crimebuster. After warning other of a possible assassin that is out with intentions of hurting another, those that were

  • Essay On A Wrinkle In Time

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    The book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L 'engle is about a young teen named Meg Murray went through time and space alongside her brother Calvin, and friend Charles. They do this to save a very good scientist which happens to be Megs dad. He was a prisoner in another planet by evil forces. The book is a very treacherous fast moving plot and will have you page-turning. In the beginning, Meg does not feel right and has the feeling she needs to do something. She wounds up in another planet with Charles