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  • Should Physical Force Be Criminalized Essay

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    Should physical force as a form of discipline be criminalized? Would you use physical force when disciplining your child? Disciplining children using physical force is simply controversial as each parent has various parenting techniques. However, this raises discussion about how ethical physical discipline truly is and whether or not is should be criminalized. Parents that do use physical force on their children would disapprove that this form of discipline should be criminalized because they have

  • Argumentative Essay: Does Spanking Harm Children?

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    Does spanking harm children? There is an immense difference between a spanking and intentionally harming a child. Spanking does not lead to child abuse and/or later violence; Being harmfully abusive since a beginning does lead to later violence. Naughty Children, who are not lightly spanked, tend to feel that they are superior and bigger than their weak parents, and therefore attempt or achieve in “ruling” their home. By defining the issue that children need to learn that when they make poor choices

  • Essay On Spanking In Children

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    According to a meta-analysis of seventy-five studies conducted by Elizabeth T. Gershoff and Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, spanking is detrimental to a child’s development. There are many known negative effects of spanking children that affect a person from childhood through adulthood. The only positive outcome of spanking that was discussed in this study was more immediate compliance from children. It is no wonder that the effectiveness and appropriateness of spanking is commonly debated in today’s society

  • Spanking Persuasive Speech

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    Spanking is a type of physical punishment involving the act of striking another person to cause pain, generally with an open hand. More severe forms of spanking, such as switching, paddling, belting, caning, whipping, and birching, involve the use of an implement instead of a hand. Parents tend to spank their child to discontinue an undesired behavior. Throughout history there have been many forms of punishment, such as spanking, grounding, and timeouts. However, have you ever thought about the

  • Arguments Against Child Discipline

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    Child Discipline? Where do you stand on disciplining your child? Many people think that spanking your own children is abuse and can cause long term disabilities and think that it is unnecessary to spank. I personally think that spanking your child is fine, but there is a line that you should not cross. Individuals think that spanking leads to abuse and can cause social problems with friends and families. There are those who also oppose and think that child discipline is fine because it teaches

  • Essay On Spanking Your Children

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    When I was a child, I can never remember my parents even spanking me. Of course we would get punished, but it would never result in spanking. Over the years there has been a lot of talk about spanking your children. Whether it is for a punishment, or just because you thought spanking them would be teach them a lesson. A lot of studies have been done to get to the bottom of whether or not spanking your children could lead to greater disadvantages when they are older. Throughout my essay I want to

  • Different Forms Of Spanking

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    Spanking remains a common childrearing practice in Western culture. For generations, corporal punishment has been viewed as an important approach of discipline to ensure appropriate etiquette in children. Elizabeth T. Gershoff, a psychologist from the University of Texas, claims, “Roughly fifty percent of the parents of preschoolers in the United States use corporal punishment as a regular method of disciplining their children. By the time American children reach middle and high school, eighty-five

  • Corporal Punishment In Children

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    Corporal punishment is defined as the physical punishment via caning or flogging. Throughout the years corporal punishment, or more formally recognized by the older generations as "spanking" your kids, overtime has recently become acknowledged as a form of physical abuse. However, with the proper context, and an overall understanding between the parent and the child in question, corporal punishment has been considered a valid form of discipline. Throughout the course of history, the physical punishment

  • Child Development Theories Essay

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    Development is a gradual and continuous process. The development of children is greatly influenced through interactions with the family, friends and culture. Children learn from seeing how they are treated, overhearing the interactions of the people around them and observing the things we do all throughout the day. Fully understanding how children grown and change over the course of childhood requires us to look into various child development theories such as psychosocial, cognitive, behaviourist

  • The Psychological Effects Of Corporal Punishment In Children

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    The Effects of Corporal Punishment in Children Doris A. Garcia Houston Community College Professor: Dr. Matt Webster The Effects of Corporal Punishment in Children Should physical means of punishment be an option to discipline our children when they are misbehaving? The use of corporal punishment to discipline children remains one of the last holdouts of old-fashioned childrearing in the United States (Gershoff, 2010). Corporal punishment (or also known as physical punishment) is defined as

  • The Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment

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    Physical control marks on the students’ minds for a long time. Some say that this could teach rule-breaking students to be better individuals, but some would say otherwise. Corporal punishment is the causation of physical pain to a person, or in this case, to a student. This started since the middle Ages when whipping became a punishment for minor crimes. In the late 20th century, that is the time where teachers started to do corporal punishment to children. There are different kinds of punishment

  • Religion In Purple Hibiscus

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    Purple Hibiscus, written by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, is a novel set in post-colonial Nigeria where the protagonist, 15-year-old Kambili struggles growing up torn between two contrasting beliefs; Igbo traditionalism and western Catholicism. Religion as many believe is the hope in a power greater than ones self. It is also a means of worship, moreover as means of people uniting together as one and believing in one God. Religion is a very important aspect and can certainly impact and influence a person’s

  • Why You Shouldn T Beat Your Kids Analysis

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    Corporal punishment has been talked about for many years if parents should or shouldn’t beat their kids. Many view that beating their kids, if other ways aren’t working, is a way to bring to their attention that the parent means business. Many studies have been taken opposing the use of corporal punishment but as today’s disrespectful children may need a few spanking to put them back on track. In an article called “8 Reasons to Spank your Kid” by LaShaun. Nicole Williams she gives 8 reasons why spanking

  • Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment

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    The debate surrounding the ethical practice of corporal punishment is a long one. For years, parents, as well as teachers, have argued whether or not they should physically punish children. By definition, corporal punishment is “physical pain inflicted on the bodies of a child as a penalty for disapproved behavior” (Dupper & Montgomery Dingus, 2008). This includes the use of any intentional methods such as hitting, spanking, paddling, exercise drills, painful body postures, and even electric shock

  • Essay On Spanking Children

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    Spanking children has been a parenting practice in effect for a very long time. In fact, it’s difficult to remember a time when children were not punished for what parents consider to be bad behavior. While spanking may be considered a way to discipline children, there are a plethora of harmful effects that arise from the practice. The harmful side effects resulting from physical punishment include violence, the infliction of emotional stress and miscommunication or misunderstanding. Primarily, violence

  • Should Parents Use Corporal Punishment

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    There have been many discussions on whether spanking or corporal punishment is a manifestation of abuse to children or whether it should be used to discipline a child. In today’s society many parents thinks that spanking a child is one of the better approaches to correct him/her if that child has done something that the parent believes is not right. Part of the problem is that everyone characterizes spanking, or corporal punishment differently. “Corporal punishment is the use of physical force

  • Childhood Love Lessons Bell Hooks Analysis

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    Love is a powerful emotion and feeling that we cherish so much because it's so precious that we don't want to lose it when we have it. Abuse also has a powerful emotion towards its meaning too but is very destructive in many ways. In our society people confuse what abuse is and what love is when using them. They “use” them together in sense to say “it’s better for your own good” or ¨This hurts me more than this hurts you.¨ All for what?! Abuse and love both have powerful meanings to it but they can’t

  • Spanking Argumentative Essay

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    Would you say that spanking is appropriate? Many people say yes, because it has been used as a means of punishment for so long; however, more and more people are beginning to realize that corporal punishment may lead to even more problems in the future. Many factors can contribute to your opinion on spanking, such as your ethnic group and religion. For example, African Americans and people who translate the bible literally are more likely to use spanking as a means of punishment (206). There are

  • Why Spanking Is Wrong

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    Spanking Makes a Parent Wrong, Not a Misbehaved Child Despite being commonly practiced throughout society, spanking remains a highly controversial topic. Spanking is analogous to abuse in nature- it involves inflicting pain (usually by hand) onto the rear of a child in response to socially unacceptable behavior. A 2013 study conducted by The Harris Poll revealed horrifying statistics that eighty-one percent of Americans believe it is “sometimes appropriate” to spank their children (Corso) in order

  • Olga Khazan Analysis

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    Did you get spanked as a child? There are many people that would say that they were spanked as a child, they would most likely also remember being put in time out and being grounded for how they were acting. Olga Khazans article she makes a bold statement stating that people should not discipline their children such as spanking children or having time outs. There are three ways that Olga Khazan tries to persuade her audience into not discipling their children, the three ways are issues, pathos, and