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  • Essay On Why We Read

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    and intangible differences reading can make. We read because reading is a powerful healer, mending the wounds that cannot be reached through modern medicine. We read because it allows us to examine what morals, perspectives and values make up our being and inspires us to change our outlook if that is what we believe will make us better people. As the author and journalist Anna Quindlen said, “In books I have travelled, not only to other worlds, but into my own.” Finally, we read because reading opens

  • My Observation Of Street Photography

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    Observation@work One day while walking on streets with my camera, I saw two people sitting on the chairs watching the waves of vast sea. There was a gate or the entrance in the foreground and one cat and a kitten was there too. Instantly I realized that I am about to get a good picture. I waited patiently for other people to walk away from the frame and at the same time was praying that the cats would stay there. My patience paid and I got an excellent shot. You can say that this is my way

  • Red Peter's Little Lady Analysis

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    ‘Red Peter’s Little Lady’ by Ceridwen Dovey and ‘A Report to an Academy’, by Franz Kafka, are literary works that use a variety of techniques to represent the concepts and themes of the ‘Animals, Monsters and Machines’. Over the years, animals have climbed their way into our literature and because of authors’ mastery, readers are able to think about and understand, philosophical concepts and social issues without the offense that is often expressed by audiences when writing about humans. ‘Red Peter’s

  • Misconception In The Bloody Chamber

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    The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, and Being There by Jerzy Kosinski, are filled with misconceptions. They have characters in which perceive things differently than what they really are. Most characters realize the misconception either causing or resolving conflict, but others are oblivious. These are misconception of identity, intentions, and love. In Being There, Chance, a simple gardener with no education except for what he has learned from television, is mistaken for a man of importance named

  • Lexical Syntactic Ambiguity Analysis

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    attachment as “structural” while designating part of speech ambiguity as “lexical syntactic ambiguity.” From Franz’s point of view, lexical-syntactic ambiguity seems to prevail at the word level (“many words can belong to more than one syntactic category or part of speech” (32)), while structural ambiguity belongs to the sentence level (“when more than one syntactic structure could be assigned to a given sentence, the sentence is structurally ambiguous”(33)). What is more, his approach considers

  • Importance Of Spoken Word Poetry

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    El Jones: The importance of spoken word poetry Spoken word poetry is a medium used to spread the concerns of generally disadvantaged groups in a non-structured widely received form. Many civil rights speeches use this style of poetry due to the ability it has to reach such a vast audience within a limited time and on poor finances. El Jones uses this style of poetry in her work to create a message that can reach a broad audience of varying social classes. In El Jones "I know what you see," there

  • The Importance Of Life Without Memory

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    How life could be without memory? Memory plays an important role in our life because we can learn new things and storage them or we can share bad or good memories that we have. According to Matling, memory is the process of maintaining information over time, so to maintain this information we have to know and learn different information thar we know about memory. First, there are differents types of memories. Then, the characteristics of memory, with the term characteristics we are referring to the

  • Aristotle Wooden Table Analysis

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    Efficient Cause, The Formal Cause and The Final Cause. I will be using Aristotle’s four causes to aid me in answering the following question: Why does the wooden table exist? Aristotle’s first cause, The Material Cause, is that of which the object being identified is made of. The wooden table’s Material Cause can be seen as the wood which is used to build the table and thus bringing the table into existence. Without the material (wood) the table is nothing but an idea and cannot ever materialize

  • Brahman Is The Universal Soul In Hinduism

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    understand what desires one has and how they interrelate to their interests and goals. From Hinduism point of view, the soul is a part of jiva. The limited being, who is subject to the impurities of attachment, delusion, and laws of karma. Therefore, death for them is not a calamity but a natural process in the existence of a jiva or a being as a separate entity, a resting period for it to recuperates, reassembles its resources, adjust its course and returns to the earth to continue its

  • Thomas Nagel: The Mind-Body Problem

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    This essay looks at Thomas Nagel’s account of the problem of consciousness i.e., the mind-body problem. I compare both Nagel’s and Colin McGinn's arguments regarding consciousness. Nagel’s argument introduces us to the intractability of the mind-body problem. The focus for Nagel is not to highlight the distinction between mind and body. Nagel employs one to not be so focused on the problem, rather embrace the possibilities regarding the phenomenology of consciousness. However, this should not deter

  • Baruch Spinoza's Substance Monism Analysis

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    Arguing his terms and ideas as unclear and vague will prove this theory weak in the sense that Spinoza isn’t entirely confident on what substance and the other elements are. By being general, Spinoza leaves room for ‘error’ and this can be considered cowardice. Empiricist John Locke targets this reliance of innate ideas as one that rationalist, like Spinoza when using to explain substance. In his work, An Essay Concerning Human

  • An Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield's The Garden Party

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    through the conflict by tension in theme and scenes as well as the images in the story. The last part of the thesis is a conclusion to sum up that all the changes and conflicts made a little girl change her mind from a purify girl to a realistic human being who no longer lived in her fantastic

  • Roy's Adaptation Model

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    Theoretical framework is a logically structured representation of concepts, variables and relationship involved in a scientific study with the purpose of clearly identifying what will be explored, examined, measured or described. In the context of teenage pregnancy and its effects on health,Roy’s Adaptation model, Ecological Theory, and Theory of Reasoned Action/Theory of Planned Behavior model are suitable to fit in this framework of the study. Models are sets of assumption about the nature of reality

  • Objectives Of English Language Learning

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    INTRODUCTION The objectives of English language learning are I) To enable the students comprehend the spoken form II) To develop students ability to use English in day-to-day life and real life situation III) To understand the written text and able to use skimming, scanning skills IV) To write simple English to express ideas etc The teacher should play different roles to get these objectives of English language. Role of English teacher in developing listening skills in students: Listening is the

  • Disadvantages Of Mother Tongue In Schools

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    Both pros and cons were thoroughly explained. The researchers agreed to use mother tongue as a language of instruction in schools because it has a lot of positive effects to students. Despite that, the implementation of mother tongue as a language of instruction still garnered some negative views. First, the use of mother tongue limits the students’ interaction. A lot of studies have shown that the use of mother tongue is a good stepping stone for second language acquisition. If students can learn

  • Kl Airlines Case Study

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    Introduction Background KL Airport Services Sdn. Bhd. (KLAS), a subsidiary of the renowned conglomerate DRB-HICOM was incorporated on the 09th February 1995. Malaysia’s only licensed independent ground handler that provides a comprehensive range of services to various commercial airlines operating into and through Malaysian Airports. In 1995, KLAS entered into a consultancy Agreement with Munich Airport Agiplan Consultancy Services (MAACS), for the PDI and O&M consultancy for the cargo complex

  • Disadvantages Of Operation Management

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    Introduction Controls of operation management will bring a lot of advantages to Syarikat TechnoMart. It is the activity of managing the resources which are devoted to management and improvement of services and products. Therefore, the design, management and improvement of service, products and processes and supply chains will be involved as well. Operation controls are very important for an organization, whatever be the controls, database management system, in the application and operating system

  • Stereotypes In The Workplace

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    he takes care of the children, he is believed to have lost his job. Because he prefers to stay home instead of working a 9-5 job, he is teased and ridiculed by society and even looked down upon. He is like a rock, bringing down the family’s name by being a stay at home dad. Although this is how most people look at stay at home fathers, others such as

  • Discourse Coherence

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    4.3 Discourse Coherence based on the Multimodal Metaphors According to the knowledge of discourse coherence, we have known that coherence can be divided into surface level and deep level. This thesis will discuss the discourse coherence from two aspects: cohesion at surface language and structure level and coherence at the meaning level based on multimodal metaphors constructed above. 4.3.1 Cohesion in the Surface Level Cohesion is also a semantic concept, which is realized by

  • The Importance Of Mastery In Education

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    interest among teachers and learners. Nevertheless, decades of research, as well as numerous methodologists and linguists, have recently confirmed, emphasized and recommend teaching vocabulary because of its importance in the language use. Appart from being one crucial component and supporting element for reading comprehension, vocabulary plays a fundamental role in second or foreign language teaching, linking and developing the students’ competence in both receptive (listening and speaking) and productive