English as a foreign or second language Essays

  • English Oral Communication Skills

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    Communication is the language by which employees transmit their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It’s also the only means that the managerial orders can be transmitted to subordinates. Therefore, there should be a unified language that all the employees and superordinates communicate by, and often, English is the official language in companies. A study conducted by two English Language Professors from Jordanian universities (Saleh Freihat/Khalaf Al-Machzoomi, 2012) showed that English oral communication

  • Advantages Of Deductive Approach

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    acknowledges the role of cognitive processes in language

  • Essay On Overcrowded Schools

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    Issue 1 – Overcrowded schools In Malaysia, many of government schools have risk of overcrowded pupils in one classroom. For example, in one classroom there are more than 40 pupils which is quite a lot for a teacher to teach in that classroom. The pupils also will not feel comfortable during learning and teaching process. There are more enrolment of pupils than it was designed to accommodate. The classroom supposed to be filled by the pupils that fix the classroom itself. The classroom should at

  • Adult Learning And Andragogy Analysis

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    Learning is the act of acquiring, or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledge, values, skills, or preferences through experience, instruction or study. Learning is integral in work, and work is integral in learning. The Theory of Adult Learning or Andragogy was initially introduced by German educator, Alexander Kapp in 1833. It was popularized in 1970 by Malcolm S Knowles, father of adult education. He introduced the art and science of helping adults learn to practioners. (Knowles 1973). Many

  • Instructor Roles In Experiential Learning

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    Instructor Roles in Experiential Learning In experiential learning, the instructor guides and facilitate the students and the process rather than directs the learning process where students are naturally interested in learning. The instructor assumes the role of facilitator and is guided by a number of steps crucial to experiential learning as noted by (Wurdinger & Carlson, 2010, p. 13). 1. The teacher is willing to accept a less teacher-centric role in the classroom. 2. Approach the learning

  • The Importance Of English Language Competency In Education

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    This shows that English language not just a set of corpus, but more to the usage and the needs in real communication among the language users. Many of English language researches have investigated the content within ELC. For instance, IELTS Official Test Centre is a strong reference in evaluating and promoting English language by running English schools in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and so on, since 1988. Under IELTS, English language proficiency in the

  • Task Based Approach In English Language Teaching

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    PROPOSAL ENGLISH TEACHING METHOD APPLIED BY ENGLISH COURSE TEACHERS ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF ARTS AND CULTURE UDAYANA UNIVERSITY 2014 By: I Kadek Ari Wiguna (1201305011) CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background English has been an international language which is used and spoken around the world. English becomes the most commonly taught language. It is now taught from young age. Now, children also have the same opportunity in mastering English. Commonly, English is taught in the formal

  • How Does Technology Affect Socialization Skills

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    Significance of the Study: The purpose of this paper is to prove that technology has a negative effect on students' socialization skills so as to give recommendation and change on how students should use technology.Technology makes students to be intelligent but it is proven that, that intelligence might have negative impact/s to the them. Rationale: Christian Lous Lange once said, "Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master". The CNN article said that by the

  • Transitional Bilingual Education

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    recognized English learners and defined students as “those whose difficulties in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language …” the different states and districts in the nation created their plans to identify and serve EL students (Wright 3). The LAUSD district promotes cultural diversity and acknowledges the educational needs of the different communities that encompass all ethnic and linguistic groups in Los Angeles. The master plan was created to help English learners in

  • The Giver Language Analysis

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    limitations and absurd laws; laws like precision of language, family units, and independence. These limitations are strictly watched and people are punished or reprimanded if not followed. One of these rules that are so strictly watched is precision of language. In the book The Giver, if precision of language is not followed then parents or administrators or anyone who is there to witness it, will warn them and remind them about precision of language.

  • Bilingual Education Argumentative Essay

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    different native language than English. Kathleen Escamilla, an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Arizona, states that sixty-one percent of those people share a common native language: Spanish. Because of the rising numbers of students not being fluent in English the United States began to incorporate bilingual education programs into schools so that these students could be taught English. Bilingual education programs “involve placing English as a second language (ESL) students in

  • Persuasive Essay On Textbooks Vs Technology

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    Textbooks vs Technology: Is Technology Taking Over The World? In 2400 BC an amazing discovery was made, an invention of books started, many people use books for many years for education, books invention started in Egypt, books today Educated people and made them who they are today but, people still think that textbooks should be replaced with technology, some schools are still using textbooks while some are using both textbooks and technology but, what they fail to know is that technology is a

  • Language Folio Language

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    Language is the way that people communicate with one another, it can be spoken or written. (Robin 2013). The purpose of this language folio is to have a greater understanding of how English functions within a range of texts. The three aspects that will be discussed in this language folio are colour, language choice and structure and layout. Aspect 1 Colour Colour is an element is visual language. It ‘pops out’ to the audience at an early stages of vision. Colour is used to communicate mood

  • Technology In The 21st Century Essay

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    Over the past centuries there had been changing in the social, economic and even political aspects of the world but when the 21st century or also known as Industrial Age came in, the changes became more common because of the development of technology. In addition, due to the wide developments of technology it also affects the educational system where it leads to the improvement of the teachers and students to become more flexible in learning new ideas or knowledge. The 21st century curriculum also

  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer In Education

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    in learning. A recent survey conducted by Odell (2010) shows that programmed learning tools such as GeoPuzz can encourage a deeper learning experience by providing students with interactive maps that teach physical geography. In an evaluation of e-language learning resources, Riley (2009) presents evidence to show how the use of a concordancer enriches students’ vocabulary, especially at upper secondary and tertiary levels, and that motivating games such as Grammar Giraffe help young children to identify

  • Reflective Essay On Teaching Experience

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    students were from five different countries, two of them had autism and six were reading significantly below grade level. I student taught in a school that was very different from this school. Throughout my student teaching experience, I had no english language learners, I had no special education students and we only had two students reading slightly below grade level. Jewell’s classes prepared me for

  • The Pros And Cons Of Social Learning Theory

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    Colin Powell once stated, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” With the learning theories we use in today’s world has lead use to success. It has taught everyone different ways to learn and different ways to teach. For every learning theory, there are millions of people intaking the knowledge. Social Learning theory is a theory that attracts students to get a better and deeper meaning of learning. Bandura has a PhD is clinical psychology

  • Qualitative And Interpretive Approach

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    phenomenon identified and described. So, Researchers can not always rely on the participant's accounts but are able to take their words and actions as reflections of underlying meanings. Hence, In interpretive approach, main focus is on issues, language and approach that recoganize their silenced voices, honour their individual differences and position both researchers and participant's view in a historical, personal, and political context.(Deem,2002) Qualitative Research Qualitative Research is

  • The Poet's Obligation Poem Analysis

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    Rina Morooka Mr Valera Language Arts Compare and Contrast essay on “The poet’s obligation”, “When I have fears that I may cease to be”, and “In my craft of sullen art” The three poems, “The poet’s obligation” by Neruda, “when I have fears that I may cease to be” by Keats, and “In my craft of sullen art” by Thomas, all share the similarity that they describe poets’ relationships with their poems. However, the three speakers in the three poems shared different views on their poetry; the speaker

  • Common Core Standards Argumentative Essay

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    Argumentative/ Persuasive Essay Molly Killen March 29, 2018 “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill. All states have a course standard to follow to set goals for teaching and learning (West, 2018). Teachers use these standards as a guide within their classroom to provide the best learning for their students. Today there is a huge debate between Common Core Standards and the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards. These two standards are highly debated and investigated