How Does Technology Affect Socialization Skills

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Significance of the Study: The purpose of this paper is to prove that technology has a negative effect on students' socialization skills so as to give recommendation and change on how students should use technology.Technology makes students to be intelligent but it is proven that, that intelligence might have negative impact/s to the them.
Christian Lous Lange once said, "Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master". The CNN article said that by the time American children are 2 years old, 90% have an online record; at the age of five over 50% often relate with a computer or tablet device; and between ages 7 and 8 teenagers often play video games. The article, said too, that young adulthood text almost 3,500 times a month, and by middle school kids are spending extra time with media than parents or teachers. Are there any parents knew that their child/children are misusing technology? It is true that technology is a useful tool that is why everybody used it but as far as they encounter …show more content…

We couldn’t avoid using technology for online activities that keep us up too late. Also our social bonds affect by it and because of that, face-to-face interaction is slowly disappears. More violence, lack of our empathy, stress, lack of privacy, and increased bullying are affected by it . The author posits that because of technology, there are many changes happened in this generation, it brought negative impact to the people who uses much technology. Therefore, the author explains that technology has a negative result on students' social life. Although, it have some good result but students must limit their selves to use technology because it has many effect on

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