Fiber reinforced concrete Essays

  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete Theory

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    use of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (HPFR/AAC) with a focus on architectural application. I am particularly interested in fiber reinforced concrete technology used to optimize some mechanical properties of final products. During my master’s degree, I applied this principle in my thesis research titled, “Behavior of Steel-Polypropylene Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete”, which is focused on mechanical behavior of concrete elements based upon fiber types and volume percentage

  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete Research Paper

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    CHAPTER 3 Project Description 3.1 THEORITICAL CONCEPTS ABOUT FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE Concrete being a brittle building material and having low tensile strength is unfit to resist tension until duly reinforced. The concept of using fibers to reinforce building materials is not a nascent concept this method has been old and been run by intuition. Hoarse hairs and straws had been used in old times to prevent plaster material from cracking. More recently when Portland cement started evolving, attempts

  • Self-Compacting Concrete

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    2.2 LITERATURE REVIEW Okamura H et al. (2003) "Self-Compacting Concrete" provides general guide lines for the selfcompacting concrete. The method to achieve self compacting behavior by following ways (1)Limited aggregate content (2) Low water-powder ratio (3) Use of superplasticizer. Also a rational mix design method was developed .The various test to check the selfcompacting behaviour of the fresh concrete are as slump flow test, V Funnel test, L Box test, U Box test etc. Also a rational method

  • My Dream To Be An Architect Essay

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    Everyone has his or her goals in the lifetime. So do I; personally, I plan goals ahead so I would get the expectation of what I am living for at the present and in the future. First, I have to look further at my career. It is my dream to be an architect. I always love to design new and interesting-looking buildings that would appear futuristically modern and à la mode. It is, off course, easier said than done to merely say that I will be an architect in the future. It requires at least the professional

  • Concrete Essay

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    Introduction Concrete is widely used in constructions and that is because it can be easily placed and handled and could be casted into various shapes and forms, like any other construction material concrete has its advantages and disadvantages, many studies have been done to reduce the disadvantages and minimize their effects on structures, some of the disadvantages are listed below. 1. Low tensile strength. 2. Low post cracking capacity. 3. Brittleness and low ductility. The presence of micro

  • Essay On Reinforced Concrete

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    Reinforced concrete may be the most important material available for construction. It is used in one form or another for almost all structures, great or small—buildings, bridges, pavements, dams, retaining walls, tunnels, drainage and irrigation facilities, tanks, and so on. Corbel is one of them element contains reinforced concrete used as economical; Corbel is a short structural element that cantilevers out from the column and the wall to support load generally, the corbel is cast monolithically

  • Load Deflection Experiment

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    Load deflection behavior The test results of Ultimate load and deflection are given in Table 4. It shows that the addition of fibers into the concrete increased the load carrying capacity and deflection at ultimate load. HSBC1 and HSBC2 specimens’ ultimate load is 24 kN the same value was obtained for the Hybrid fiber reinforced high strength concrete specimen – HYFBC2.1. The graphs are shown in Figure 6. When the beam is subjected to cyclic loading, the graphs are shown in Figure 7. The energy absorption

  • Tension Stiffening In Concrete

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    This paper presents the results of an experimental study on the tension stiffening response of fusion bonded epoxy coated bars embedded in self compacting concrete (SCC). 18 numbers of direct tension specimens recommended by RILEM standards are used with modified specimen lengths of 40 and 50 times the diameter of the bar. From the study it is concluded that fusion bonded epoxy coating on bars has a negative effect on the tension stiffening of SCC. The reduction ranges from 9.4 % to 32% .The tension

  • Essay On Concrete Materials

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    Concrete materials are still a dominant material for construction due to its advantages suchas workability, low cost and fire resistance as well as its low maintenance cost. It is formed from a hardened mixture of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water and some admixture. Massive exploration of the natural resources for producing concrete affect to the environment condition and global warning. We have responsibility to reduce the effect of the application of concrete materials to environmental

  • Rubber Reinforced Concrete Case Study

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    Advantages Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete 1. The application GFRC is a material that has multiple functions which can be used in the construction of trim, columns, balustrades, ornaments, pedaments, sills, copings, window and door surrounds, site furnishings and the others more. This is because GFRC is a lightweight product and easy to handle compared to the other normal concrete product.GFRC design is also easy to be formed, compared with the cast stone which is cast stone need to be vibrated

  • Strengthened Beam Essay

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    Chennai 127 B. Saritha Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, Bharath University Chennai 73 Abstract: The study of this project is concerned with the investigation of the efficiency of GFRP composites in strengthening simply supported reinforced concrete beams designed with insufficient flexure capacity. The test results of seven beams, addressing the influence of flexure strengthening and their flexure capacity were compared with ultimate flexure capacity of R.C section using IS 456-2000.

  • Coconut Shell Research Paper

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    2.3 Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregates 2.3.1 Physical Properties of Coconut Shell The physical properties of the coconut shell are vital in predicting what will be its effect when mixed with concrete. A study about using waste coconut shell as substitute for coarse aggregates in lightweight concrete was conducted by De Costa, Dasanayaka, Tantirimudalige, Udamulla and Ekneligoda (2017) that compares the physical properties of coconut shell to the conventional coarse aggregate (Granite). Table 2 3

  • Linear Vibration Theory

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    In this chapter, the theory related to vibration, crack and the Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) are presented. Then the attention is given to the mathematical formulation of a cracked uniform cantilever beam. The presence of crack reduces the local stiffness matrix which alters the dynamic response of the system. 2. Theory 2.1 Concept of vibration Vibration definition Most of the human activities like hearing, seeing, breathing etc are due to vibration. Hearing involves vibration of the

  • Cantilever Disadvantages

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    CANTILEVER: A cantilever is a rigid structural element, such as a beam or a plate, anchored at only one end to a (usually vertical) support from which it is extended. This could also be a perpendicular connection to a flat vertical surface such as a wall. Cantilevers can also be constructed with trusses or slabs. When a cantilever is subjected to a structural loading, it transfers the load to the support where it is forced against by a moment and shear stress.  Moment of force is the tendency of

  • Ovality In Pipe Bend

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    Abstract Pipe bends are considered the critical components in a piping system. In the manufacturing process of pipe bends, it is difficult to avoid thickening on the inside radius and thinning on the outside radius. The cross section of the bend becomes non circular and the acceptability based on the induced level of shape imperfections. Considering those shape imperfections it is necessary to have an accurate estimate of pipe bend limit load under internal pressure. ovality is the shape imperfection

  • Mortar Research Paper

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    Mortar is a workable paste of cement, sand and water which is used to fill the irregular gaps, voids and bind the masonry units together. The cement mortar is also used in plastering of wall structures in order to give a smooth finish and protect the structure. But cement plaster possesses low strength, absorbs more water and large number of pollutants from the atmosphere and deteriorate the structure which leads to surface cracks and damping. Thus in order to suppress these defects, cement plaster

  • Reinforced Concrete Essay

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    structure: Reinforced concrete has been chosen as building material for DATUM Setiawangsa project, for some reasons such as: The comprehensive strength of reinforced concrete is more as compared to other construction materials. It is good in tension and has better resistance to fire than steel, and other such construction materials. Concrete structures are easy and affordable to maintain, especially when it comes to structures like retaining walls, dams, piers and footings etc. Concrete can be cast

  • Essay On Truss Engineering

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    Truss engineering is the design and creation of trusses that are made of one or more potential materials. Trusses are crafted from a straight and slender pieces of material manufactured then connected at various joints to form a triangular shape. The common purpose of truss is to construct a large structure with the shape and design of truss adding strength and weather resistance to the overall structure(Šimi & Ilijaš, 2012). Truss can be designed as planar trusses, which are a two dimensional shape

  • Cantilever Racks Case Study

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    v) Cantilever Racks. This kind of storage rack is called due to the leverage technique used to support the load-bearing arms (Figure 7). Cantilever racks typically contain a row of single upright columns, spread out several feet apart, with arms spreading out from one or both sides of the upright to form foundations for goods storage. The columns rest on the warehouse floor, avoiding the structure from toppling backward or forward, and diagonal and horizontal bracing between uprights avoids the

  • Concrete Outline

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    Concrete is an artificial stone-like material used for various structural purpos-es. The word concrete originates from the Latin word concretus which literally means compact or condensed. Concrete has been used for many amazing things throughout history, including architecture, infrastructure and more. The Egyptians were using early forms of concrete over 5000 years ago to build pyramids. They mixed mud and straw to form bricks and used gypsum and lime to make mortars. Joseph Aspdin of England is