Gregorian chant Essays

  • Classical Tradition In The Renaissance Era

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    How has the Classical tradition (the art of Greece and Rome) continued to affect art through the 1700s? The Greek and the Roman culture perfectly understood the combination of philosophy, arts, and literature to create a sense of overwhelming feelings and admirations on ancient cultures. Even though these two civilizations no longer have the preeminence, yet many years later, the world continues to remember their accomplishment in the world of art. One element that would not be forgotten about the

  • Renaissance Music Influence

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    Music helps people communicate how they feel when they just can't find the words to say it. It gives people a way to express who they are inside through many different forms. Music can be found throughout history. In this report I am going to discuss different musical periods in history with two artists or composers works representing that period. Renaissance Period The Renaissance Period was a time of cultural rebirth that occurred in Europe. It was a humanistic revival of the classical influence

  • Essay On Government In Shakespeare's On Duties And Julius Caesar

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    Cicero’s On Duties defends republican government because it serves the whole community. He stresses that honorable rulers must benefit the people. Ruling “for the sake of pre-eminence” leads one astray (On Duties, 11). In contrast, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar chronicles the dissolution of a republican government, as the play ends with the rise of imperial Rome. This ending helps depict the power of the elites. Marc Antony’s funeral oration manipulated the people to believe that Caesar cared for them

  • The Mayan Calendar

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    Throughout many years calendars have been changing a lot. THere were many different calendars all over the world. There was the ancient calendars that would use the moon, sun, stars and even planets. Back in the 1582, people lost ten days because of the calendar change. The oldest mayan calendar was the on December 2012. The calendars have been changing throughout many years and who knows they can still change in the future. Back in the ancient times, the calendars weren’t on paper just like they

  • Ambition In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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    We all know the classic Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. For decades, people have been hooked on the story’s incorporation of betrayal, power, and murder. However, one must look at the underlying factors that contribute to the plot itself. Ambition, political intrigue, and conspiracy plays a role on The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by enhancing the plot, capturing the audiences’ attention, and manifesting Shakespearean ideology. As human beings, it is in our very nature to be ambitious. Ambition

  • The Power Of Language In Julius Caesar

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    The power of language Language, when used to manipulate, can solely cause war. Language can be used to manipulate others for the purpose of political change to the point of war. In Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, the power of language is represented by the use of strong language by characters to persuade others to follow them. War is caused by the manipulation of the senators to kill Caesar and the manipulation of the plebeians to revolt. Cassius in act 1 shows how figurative language can

  • Free Julius Caesar Essays: Marcus Brutus As A Tragic Hero

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    In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the main character, Marcus Brutus, is the tragic hero. He is a tragic hero because he is presented as a noble, upright, virtuous man who is concerned for his country, and is tragically led to betray his friend, Julius Caesar. This is also supported by the fact that the other main character, Julius Caesar, dies in the middle of the play. Paired with Brutus’ ideal and goal of preserving and protecting the Republic from all enemies, internal and external;

  • Mark Antony's Speech Analysis

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    NAME – AKUL KHANNA PROFESSOR – KANIKA DANG ENGLISH THESIS PAPER DATE -2ND NOVEMBER 2015 MARK ANTONY’S DEVELOPMENT IN JULIUS CEASAR In the year 44 BC the powerful empire of Rome had lost its ruler due to the assassination led by the senators and Julius Caesar’s brother Brutus. Caesar’s death was a huge setback for Rome and its people and the whole empire was in utter chaos. Mark Antony a very noble, loyal and affectionate friend of Caesar. Following Caesar’s demise, Antony sought out to avenge

  • Why Holidays Are Important

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    Yes, holidays are important. Holidays not only give break from monotonous routine but also energy to restart the work. Holidays make you feel better and give a break from same routine. 105. Do you think your country needs more holidays? No I do not think so as our country already has many holidays in a year. 106. Do you have enough holidays during the year? Yes, every month there are two or three holidays so I have enough holidays. 107. Do we need more holidays? It depends actually; personally I

  • The Influence Of Culture: The French Revolution

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    The French Revolution was an example of how culture brings revolutions; that they are made and do not simple come. This can clearly be seen in the counterrevolution that followed the removal of the King and the creation of the French Republic. De-Christianization fueled the counterrevolution by alienating the provinces of France. This shows how important it is to have a sense of inclusion, symbolism, and volunteerism for an efficient revolution. Religion is one of the few things that can transect

  • Medieval Music During The Middle Ages

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    we know was vastly changing and historic events were unfolding daily. Music was a way to express beliefs, ideas, or even intimidation. Medieval music consisted of mostly instrumental music and music with voices used as instruments, such as the Gregorian chant which was used by monks during Catholic Mass. Medieval music helped shape the base of Western music. Many instruments were used in the songs written during the Middle Ages. Woodwind instruments such as the flute and gemshorn were used because

  • Compare And Contrast Machaut And John Dowland

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    christ”. This song was meant to appeal to the mind and not so much the ears, it was a revamp on the Middle Age Gregorian chant. John Dowland was from 1563-1626, so he is from the late Renaissance period in which he primarily wrote melancholy songs based off of popular consort songs and dance music from that time period. John Dowland was English, so he wouldn’t have made Gregorian chant inspired songs seeing that he was Protestant. Guillame de Machaut was French. John Dowland was also famous for his

  • Summary Of Hildegard Von Bingen's Kyrie

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    was "marked by the inspiration of God to give 'musical forms to divine mysteries '" (Dunbar, 2016, p. 31). Hildegard von Bingen received many visions that came directly from God and she turned those visions into art. Her musical output consisted of chant that differed greatly from any other male composer of her time. She

  • The Evolution Of Music During The Renaissance Period

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    rhythms, and genres, and in its ability to illustrate the immense depth and emotion that words cannot express. Music has evolved immensely throughout the past thousand years and more, from its origins in the Medieval Period, beginning with the Gregorian Chant, progressing to the current cinematic, magical music created by great composers such as James Howard Newton among others. Throughout the centuries, music has found its way into the hearts of people in society, through its realistic depictions

  • Josquin Desprez Analysis

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    instance, he introduces the piece by using a polyphonic technique that was used in the Medieval period, and homorhythmic form that combines high voices with the low ones by moving together rhythmically. Also, He brings classic work such as the “Gregorian Chants” into this piece and combines them with the stylistic ideas of the Renaissance

  • Royal Christmas Informative Speech

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    Royal Christmas Gala, on the 23 of December at Vienna Stadhalle. Sarah Brightman, Gregorian, Narcis, Fernando Valera and Mario Frangoulis will perform in this special evening and you cannot miss it. Sarah Brightman is one of the world’s renowned voices of our time and remains among the world’s most prominent performers, and I cannot wait to be there with two lucky winners. Gregorian The ingenious concept of GREGORIAN developed when Hamburg-based producer Frank Peterson visited the royal monastery

  • Medieval Period

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    New forms that were developed from the chant were created. This included the trope, the sequence and liturgical dramas.(Grout 22) A trope was an addition to a liturgical chant, Usually this chant was either added at the beginning the end or the middle. At first, these additions were only of music alone but eventually they included the addition of text as well. This form of chant began in France around the eighth century and gained popularity during the tenth

  • Gregorian Music Research Paper

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    Christian life". [2] The History tells us about the evolution of the Gregorian chant in Christianity reached its pinnacle in the advanced period of the medieval. There were approximately six rhythms which were used for the base for the verses vocalized for the Mass. These were usually performed in Latin

  • Music Affecting The Teen Brain

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    the Twentieth Century. In the Middle Ages music is just developing and it was only sung in churches by monks and they only sang one thing called Gregorian Chant which is a single melodic line and it is polyphonic it is also sacred music this also means that it was not at all total music. It didn’t have rhythm and it didn 't have melody. Gregorian Chant is music that is simple and doesn’t have much to it and is limited in the way that you sing it. Then we head into The Renaissance, this is when music

  • Medieval Music Vs Renaissance Music Essay

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    Renaissance music differed heavily from that of the Dark Ages and thus formed the beginning of ‘modern’ Western art music. Resulting mainly from different compositional techniques, music in the Renaissance became more harmonic then that of the previous era. By comparing harmonic systems, counterpoint techniques and textural elements between these two eras, it is evident that music of the Renaissance marks the start of Western art music as we know it today.   The perception of harmony started to move