Intensive care medicine Essays

  • CAM-ICU Quantitative Analysis Paper

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    CAM-ICU Quantitative Analysis Critically ill patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are at an increased risk for developing delirium. A prevalence is seen with acute brain dysfunction, such as brain attacks, and increases morbidity and mortality rates. The Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care (CAM-ICU) is an assessment tool utilized by critical care nurses to evaluate and distinguish the development of delirium in ICU patients. Implementing CAM-ICU will provide a consistent

  • Annotated Bibliography: Single Family Rooms

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    decrease in stress, a decrease in hypertonicity, a decrease in lethargy, and a decrease in pain. For mothers who stayed with their infant in the SFR NICU showed to have an increased in satisfaction, a decrease in stress, an increase in family centered care, and an increase in skin to skin bonding. Nurses who worked in SFR units had a decrease in stress, felt

  • Patient's Care Documentation Essay

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    PATIENTS CARE DOCUMENTATION AND NURSING CARE PLANNING (PRINCIPLES OF PATIENT) SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT “Documentation is a set of documents provided on paper, or online or on digital or analog media, such as audio tape or CD; (Wikipedia >wiki-documentation). Patient’s care documentations are very vital to the nursing profession for effective communication between the nursing professionals and other healthcare personnel nursing care documentation provides proof of care rendered and it is an important

  • Nursing: Ethical Dimensions Of Ethics In Nursing

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    Ethics and performance Ethical dimension of nursing care is an important element of practice in nursing . Being a nurse is an ethical attempt and every decision that a nurse makes has an ethical dimension. Nurses are faced with different ,difficult and complicated situations where they are expected to provide good care. Good care should be led to enhance the health integrity in physical, emotional, moral and spiritual dimensions. But, there is ongoing concern about the ethical practice

  • Advantages Of Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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    Discussion Three cecilia Folzman posted Apr 17, 2017 3:34 PM Discussion Three Workspace This author works in a rural hospital Intensive Care Unit, which is comprised of eight total beds. Although this is a small hospital, there is a wide array of surgical services provided, from orthopedics to genitourinary. The average patient load is three per nurse, and can range from intubated and sedated, to walking and ready to go home. Compared with a large full-service hospital, this ICU is

  • Sleep Deprivation In The ICU

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    During patient rounding on the intensive care units (ICU), one of the consistent concerns I hear from patients and families is how difficult it is to sleep in the ICU. Sleep deprivation and fragmentation impairs neurocognitive function and healing (Friese, 2008), (Drouot, Cabello, D’Ortho & Brochard, 2008). The incidence of delirium in the ICU varies from 20% to 80% depending upon the severity of patient illness and the assessment method used (Girard, Pandharipande & Ely, 2008). Delirium often goes

  • Normative Values In Nursing

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    lead health care transformation and improve health. Guided by these values and the vision of the client, this proposal will improve the preparation of primary care nurse practitioners and ultimately improve health. According to Braverman (2014), health equity is the basis for a commitment to reduce- and, ultimately eradicate – disparities

  • Four Stages Of Conflict In Health Care

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    problems regarding the conflict. There are positives perspectives on conflict like it provides opportunities for individuals to present contradictory yet fairly valid views that allow the understanding of their contributions to their jobs. Many Health care workers face recurrent conflicts because of the lack of communication and making assumptions. Many staff members may claim that they are no conflicts in there workfield others may argue that this is the outcome of not acknowledging conflict.The majority

  • Total Patient Care Case Study

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    patient care) The case method, or the patient's total care method, of providing nursing care is the oldest method of providing care to a patient. This model should not be confused with the management of nursing cases. The premise of the case method is that a nurse gives total attention to a patient throughout the work period. This method was used at the time of Florence Nightingale when patients received total attention in the home. Currently, total patient care is used in intensive care settings

  • Nursing Assistant Career

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    Heather Souder Mrs. White 12A Career Paper First Draft 13 February 2018 The Amazing Career of A Nursing Assistant Choose a job you love going to. Not a job you are dreading to go to. I have choice nursing assistant because I love helping people. Making people feel better makes me happy. I have helped my mother, who is a CNA, with my uncle who has MS. When I was helping her was when I noticed that becoming a nursing assistant will be my long-term job. I have learned so much from my mother and other

  • Ventilator Associated Phenomenon: A Case Study

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    2005), onset occurs within 48 to 96 hours of intubation (Pruitt & Jacobs,2006). Ventilator associated pnuemonia bundle is prevention strategies approach in intensive care unit apply to patients on ventilator underlying chronic illnesses with respiratory problem or neurological problem which lead to respiratory distress. Ventilator care bundle are composed as preventive strategies for preventing the incidence and prevalence of VAP and improving outcomes of patients (Pruitt & Jacobs,

  • Patient Dignity In Nursing Case Study

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    PART A: DIGNIFIED CARE IN NURSING: Dignity; “the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.” (, 2016). Nurses must respect patient dignity because they have a duty of care to each client. Without respecting this, a patient may feel they have not received the correct standard of care, which may prolong their recovery time. Dignified care in nursing practice means delivering a service to patients or clients in a way that respects their rights as human beings. Nurses

  • ICU Nurse Case Study

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    do you believe are the underlying causes of the ICU nurses’ treatment of Jill? Since Jill came from a small hospital where she worked on the medical surgical (m/s) floor, where the nurses care for adult patients whom have a variety of stable medical conditions. Whereas, the Intensive care unit (ICU) nurses care for patients who are critically ill and have life threatening conditions. Jill has gone from an expert nurse on the m/s floor to a novice ICU nurse. A reason that the ICU nurses may be treating

  • Theme Of Exile In A Doll's House

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    Doll House Essay When most people see the word “exile” they might think of an individual forced away from one’s home to an undesirable place just like in Oedipus Rex, Oedipus was exiled from his kingdom, blinded and doomed. However, in Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House, Ibsen portrays the act of exile as both a detachment from an individual and a path for self-discovery. In the play, Nora, a seemingly typical household wife during Ibsen’s time, experiences multiple self-imposed exiles,

  • Orleanna In Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible

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    "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it." —Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird (Page 39) In the well written novel by Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible, all the characters are thrown into a world that they know nothing about. They’re pulled away from their home and expected to help people that don’t even wanna be helped. All while trying to maintain the who they are. But the Congo doesn’t

  • Neonatal Nurse

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    tiny breaths. Just another day at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for neonatal nurses. These nurses work tirelessly to save the tiniest patients with an addiction to cocaine or the ones with exposed or missing organs. Neonatal registered nurses (RN), arguably, have one of the most emotionally stressful jobs that leave them resembling a

  • Pediatric Oncology Essay Examples

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    Oncology/Hematology Nurse, writes the riveting novel “The Shift” through her eyes as she attempts to care for four high-maintenance and very ill patients. When I researched Oncology as a career path I focused primarily on Pediatric Oncology. Although this book relates more to my past aspirations of Pediatric Oncology, many similarities align with my current aspirations of working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As I read through “The Shift”, by Theresa Brown, I have learned a lot about the everyday

  • The Importance Of Water In Long Island

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    Every organism in the universe requires water for its survival. Arguing out that water is good or bad is inconclusive. Water for human consumption is supposed to be subjected to quality tests so as to determine its safety for consumption and usage. A number of water sources around the globe suffer from some form of impurities. This makes it unsafe and unhealthy for individuals to use it. Challenges such as unsafe water, insufficient or the lack of quality healthy water has been an issue which has

  • Factory Farming Is Inhumane

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    What do you think factory farming is? Do you think it’s inhumane? Factory farming is how we get our food, there are cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, etc. The farmers inject the animals with antibiotics to make them grow bigger. The animals grow so big they can’t hold their weight, the females have to get pregnant so the farmers can make more money for the animals, they get locked up in cages and do not have fresh air or sunlight. This is how it is for most to all of the animals. Factory farming is

  • The Omnivore's Dilemm Article Analysis

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    “Industrial agriculture characteristically proceeds by single solutions to single problems: If you want the most money from your land this year, grow the crops for which the market price is highest.” - Wendell Berry Many people question whether or not the morality of treating animals in a humane way outweighs the morality of cheaper food for a nation where 1 in 6 people are facing hunger, and/or starving in any way. Back in the day, a while after World War II, industrial agriculture was applauded