Lamniformes Essays

  • Pacific Viperfish Conclusion

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    Introduction The Pacific viperfish or if you want to use its scientific name it would be Chauliodus macouni. It is a predatory fish that lives in the abyssal depths of the deep sea. It is a very ferocious creature of the deep. Humans don't have to worry about them because they can't get to us because they need to stay in the deep abyss to stay alive where the pressure is just right for them. There are 9 known species of viperfish known and the most common one is the sloanes viperfish but the one

  • Bad Things About Sharks Essay

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    The next time you go to the beach, don’t go too far into the ocean. If you see a curved fin, you’ll know that it’s a shark. But not all sharks are scary and dangerous. In fact, only 4 types of sharks are known to attack humans. But, they all have something in common, in that they are all very interesting. Baby Sharks, Physical Appearance, and “Family Life” First of all, sharks are surprisingly not that cute as babies. Baby sharks are called pups. Pups are twice the size of your average goldfish

  • Hammerhead Shark Vs. The Great White Shark

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    All is quiet in the beautiful ocean then you hear a scream then you look out into the ocean and the only thing you could see was a shark tail. Older Than Dinosaurs? Sharks have lived on the earth longer than you think for example, over three hundred years ago sharks roamed in waters, that is one hundred million years before dinosaurs roamed the earth! Some of the sharks that roamed long ago don’t roam today, on the other hand a handful of the sharks that lived then

  • Essay About Alligator

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    The Congregation 20 Fun Facts about Alligators INTRODUCTION El garto means “the lizard” it’s a Spanish word, where the name alligator came from. Over 200 million years ago alligators already existed. Did you know that the largest recorded alligator was in Everglades National Park located in Florida? It towers to 17 feet and 5 inches that is 5.31 meter! Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Do you like to play in swamps? Swim with your friends in rivers

  • Similarities Between Sharks And Whales

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    What do you know about sharks and whales? Sharks and whales are very different, but have some things in common. What are the differences and similarities between their physical characteristics, habitats, and what they eat? What are the differences and similarities between their physical characteristics? The Sharks can grow up to 16 feet long. They have pectoral fins, dorsal fins, and a vertical tail. The skin of sharks is very rough and made up of millions of sharp scales. Sharks have gills for

  • Stingray Research Paper

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    Skin Stingrays can be easily identified by its greyish coloration and smooth skin (except for a row of rigid tubercles along the midline of the back). The coloration of a common stingray’s dorsal surface is typically varied from an olive to grey color with always a white under belly. These specific coloration is not only specific for the Common Stingray, but also represent a majority of the Stingray population. This key feature help provide Stingrays with very good camouflaging abilities and one

  • An Essay About Sharks

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    Swift, strong, stealthy, and fascinating, sharks are marvelous fish. They are well known for their incredible sharp teeth, and vicious behavior. Sharks are extremely unique and an essential part of the ocean and sea ecosystem. There are over five hundred different types of sharks living in the world. Sharks can be divided into two main groups, large and small. The large sharks hunt for food so they are fast and agile. The small sharks usually hide in the ocean floor to catch prey and hide from

  • Are Sharks Mindless Killers

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    Are sharks mindless killers? Think about the word shark, what comes to your mind? To most people it’s the vision of a mindless killing machine that is only out for human blood. Sharks, regardless of what Hollywood portrays them to be, are gentle, curious creatures that are not out to get people. National Geographic states that “Over 375 shark species have been identified, but only about a dozen are considered particularly dangerous. Three species are responsible for most human attacks: great white

  • Environmental Effects Of Shark Finning

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    Abstract The word ‘shark’ is one of the few words that when heard can strike a person with fear, yet at the same time awe. Sharks are creatures that have evolved over 400 million years to become the ocean’s top predators, and to obtain physical perfection for survival in the worlds waters. If you ask someone what they think of a shark, the common reaction is negative. It’s not surprising though, really, considering the medias view on them, and the way they are portrayed in todays society. Pollution

  • Why Do Hammerheads Migrate

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    The Hammerhead shark is a fascinating creature, who are not like most other Sharks in the ocean. Ever wondered why their head is shaped weird? What is the purpose of it? How long do they migrate for? Description The Hammerhead shark is a long, odd looking animal. on average, they 11.5 feet long, and weigh about 1,000 pounds. The odd shaped head they have is called a cephalofoil, and it allows for 360o vision. The Hammerhead shark has very different physical features from most other sharks

  • The Reflection Paper On The Sharkwater

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    The Reflection Paper on the “Sharkwater” The Sharkwater is a documentary created by Rob Stewart in 2006. The movie raises an important question about the survival of sharks, one of the most ancient creatures on the planet. It makes people look on these creatures from different point of view. I cannot say I treated sharks only like monstrous characters from films like Jaws or Sharknado before I saw this documentary. But it made to think more about the fate of these animals. Stewart demonstrated sharks

  • Persuasive Essay On Great White Sharks

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    Focus question: To cull or not to cull great white sharks Great white sharks are the biggest predatory fish in the ocean and they can grow to about 15 feet in size, although larger than 20 feet have been seen. Their name comes from the white underbellies of the sharks and their bodies are designed to blend in with the seabed. The great whites have powerful tails which makes them excellent swimmers that can travel up to 24 km/h. They have many rows of triangular shaped teeth and have a great sense

  • Dog Fish Shark Lab Report

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    Preparation for the Dissection The Dogfish shark is about 70 inches long and you should notice along the side of the shark there is a light colored horizontal stripe called the lateral line. Made up of a tiny pore that lead to receptors that are very sensitive to the mechanical displacement of water and sudden changes of pressure. You will need tools for this including Latex gloves, yard stick (with centimeters), scalper knife, scissors, probe, and if you have a weak stomach you should wear facemask

  • Baryonyx Research Paper

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    The Baryonyx was 10m long(32.8 feet) and was over 2 tons. Each claw was 6 inchs long and the long claw was 1ft long and was on the thumb. Baryonyx means heavy claw in greek. Baryonyx was discovered in 1983 by william walker. That was just some of the fact about the Baryonyx. There 's more to learn about this magnificent dinosaur and where it lived. The baryonyx ate fish like the Igdabatis,Anomoeodus,Aulolepis and etc. and also young Iguanodons. The baryonyx fossil had fossilised fish skeletons and

  • The Dangers Of Bull Sharks In The World

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    There’s a place in the world that they feed bull sharks, because when they do for the sharks they do not have to hunt. When they are full they do not hurt people. Bull sharks are just looking for food, and when they are fed they are really cool animals. Bull sharks are cool animals, here are some facts. They are fond all around the world, and they are found near shore lines. Bull sharks have triangle teeth so they cut very well. Bull sharks are one of the most dangers sharks in

  • The Mako Shark: The Fastest Shark In The Ocean

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    The Mako shark is a shark that can swim about 60 mph,So if you encounter one there's no outrunning it.The Mako shark is the fastest shark in the ocean. In this essay I will provide information on the Mako shark. I will provide info on what makes it special,where it lives,what it eats. First,What makes the mako shark so special The Mako shark is the fastest shark in the ocean because of its long tail and thin body. Interesting fact,the long finned mako shark’s tail is longer than its body. It swims

  • Essay On Lionfish

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    From a biodiversity perspective, the lionfish is creating a profoundly negative effect on the health of several native species of fish. The lionfish is a fish that always looks to invade and has characteristics that provide them with an advantage in new areas. Lionfish reproduce rapidly and are the strongest creatures overtaking coral reefs today. The spines of lionfish contain venom and can kill numerous species of fish. Lionfish are damaging the communities that live in coral reefs. If lionfish

  • Hammerhead Sharks Structure

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    The hammerhead sharks are excellent predators that belong to the order Carcharhiniformes and family Sphyrnidae. Members of this family of sharks have unique head structures that extends to form a hammer-shaped (T-Shaped) cephalofoil that have different functions including sensing, water maneuvering, and manipulating prey. This family has two genera; Eusphyra and Sphyrna. Hammerheads are distant relatives of the mid-Tertiary period carcharhinid sharks. Today, species of the hammerhead include Eusphyra

  • Mystic Aquarium Essay Sample

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    My exposure to the ocean through family trips to Hampton Beach and to the Mystic Aquarium is what led to my fascination for animals and the ocean. This grew into a passion for the sea and that led me to gain extensive experience in teaching, service, and research. The ocean is what got me started in Marine Biology and sharks are why I have stuck with it. Sharks are why I volunteered for the Mystic Aquarium in CT, choose to go to school at the University of Rhode Island (URI), got involved with different

  • Mako Shark Adaptations

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    Mako Sharks are unique animals, they are the fastest shark species we know of. Mako sharks have special characteristics to survive on their own. Their habitat is very diverse in all central oceans. They have adaptations to be able to respond to their surroundings quickly. The Mako shark species is about to go endangered and we need to protect them. Mako shark 's body is shaped to swim fast. They have a long slim body to allow the mako shark to swim up to 40 mile per hour(Sharks World, 2015). Their