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  • Essay On Lunar New Year

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    Town, in New York, Vietnamese American, and other cultures comes together in the same temple or church to, pick fortunes, to pray, and to wish for a smooth year. After that, they would gather up together and sing, surrounded by the traditional lion dances and burn fireworks to tell the world that a New Year has come

  • Madness Explanation In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

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    Alice's adventures in wonderland is a fantasy book wrote by Lewis Carroll in 1865. The author wrote it due to his friend's daughter, Alice Liddell's request. But Carroll sent the book to publication before handed it to Alice. The book is about a girl named Alice and her weird but fun encounters in the wonderland, everything happens there is disorder. She met a serial of strange things, surely those are fun adventures, and other characters like the white rabbit, Caterpillar, the Cheshire cat, The

  • Life Of Meaning And Purpose In Dante's Inferno

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    To live a meaningful life is a very individualistic aspiration, one may say it is to do good in the world while someone else may say that to live a life of meaning and purpose is through personal success. Much like any other person, philosophers and biblical figures would agree that a life of meaning and purpose is dependent to personal experiences. To live the experience of a meaningful life often depends on the circumstances and experiences that people endure. A life of meaning and purpose for

  • Red Panda Speech

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    The red panda; a species somewhat sizeable than a domestic cat; is currently an endangered species. The red panda has a body type similar to one of a bear with fur that is thick with a rustic colour. They also have a lengthly, shaggy tail for balance and for warmth during the seasons with lower temperatures. The red panda is an omnivore. Its diet consists predominantly of bamboo, about 95%; which is very atypical for a mammal. They occasionally feed on insects, fruits, and small organisms, including

  • Essay On Sifaka

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    Hi! I am a Propithecus candidus commonly known as silky sifaka an extremely rare and mostly threatened species of lemur in Madagascar, believed to only have less than 250 mature individuals (IUCN Redlist, 2014). Before we were thought to be an albino of the Propithecus diadema or diademed sifaka because we are so much alike in appearance. But through laboratory researches it has been proven that we are not albinos of the diademed sifakas and so we are given a different name (Pieczenik, 2014). Although

  • African Serval Cats

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    African Serval cats are one of the largest “small” exotic cat. Serval Cats love to play fetch, getting into water and walking on a leash. Serval Cats grow to 20-45 pounds. They are not suitable as a “child’s” pet. Please take the time to talk extensively with serval cat owner and serval cat breeders for their personal opinions when deciding if a Serval kitten is right for you.The Serval is mostly a nocturnal animal but sometimes can be diurnal. They are thought about mostly a terrestrial cat, as

  • Essay On African Lion

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    Modern animal: African Lion Lions (Panthera Leo) are the only species of cats that live together in groups, which are known as prides. Prides can consist of as little as only three creatures, and up to more than forty. They are one of the four larger cats in the family of genus Panthera, being the second largest within the cat species, after the tiger. Habitat Lions are mainly found in Africa, but can also be found in areas such as Asia and India. They favour conditions that are similar to the

  • Reaction Paper On The King's Speech

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    With four Academy Award wins to its name, and roughly one hundred other triumphs, The King’s Speech (2010) by T. Hooper did not go unnoticed by both critics, and the public (The King's Speech: Awards, sd). The film was bound to gain prize and acclaim with its star-studded cast, crowd-pleasing genre, and the heartwarming tale of a king with a stammer who had to learn how to overcome his speech impediment in an era where public speaking had become more important than ever before. The film made an impact;

  • Short Summary: The African Lion

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    The African lion ( Panthera leo ) is a mammal carnivore belonging to the family of felines . It is called the king of animals , reference to his mane likened to a crown. This great predator of nearly 250 kg on his reign unchallenged territory. Under his indolent air, the African lion is a fierce warrior values ​​its prerogatives and his clan. His only enemy is man. African Lion (Panthera leo) African Lion ( Panthera leo ) © Manimalworld Summary: View DESCRIPTION The lion belongs to the

  • Best Vacation Spot Essay

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    Best Vacation Spots: Disney World Luxury Attractions Fit for the King of the Jungle Set atop the lush, African-inspired Animal Kingdom Lodge, the 2,115-square-foot Royal Asante suite has a full kitchen, dining area for eight, office and a master bedroom with a wood-carved canopy bed so huge it purportedly had to be assembled in the room itself. Ranging from $2,010-$2,585 per night, the highlight of the room is its large porches with amazing views of the wildlife roaming the Animal Kingdom's savanna

  • Tiger Salamander: Native Species

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    Tiger Salamander – Native Species Description: Tiger salamanders can be brown, to greenish or gray in color. They usually have brilliant yellow stripes or dots, or brown splotches over the length of their bodies, while some may have no markings at all. Range: They are found throughout most of the United States, the southern part of Canada, and eastern Mexico. Habitat: They prefer to live in deep burrows that are near ponds, lakes, or slow-moving streams. Food Habits: They feed at night on worms

  • Symbolism In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

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    anahi In “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, the lion represents a huge part of the text, it is even the book's cover. The lion is displayed as the trustworthy hero, he is expected to fix all mistakes and dilemmas. A lion is traditionally symbolized as the king of kings with the mightiest of courage, it is thought to be wise like an ancient sage, according to, . In Europe, Africa, and Asia lions are all considered an icon. Lions are important not only

  • Cecil The Lion: Celebrities And Its Impact On Hollywood

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    as Dr. Walter Palmer for Halloween? When Cecil the Lion was killed by a hunter, people were outraged as the beloved animal was known around the world. It started an international social media discussion about conservation and even celebrities got involved. According to TMZ on Tuesday, those folks who thought it was a good idea to kill Cecel the Lion can dress up in a killer costume based on the alleged illegal hunter, Dr. Walter Palmer. The lion who once roamed half way around the world on a safari

  • Essay On Black Bears

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    Black Bears fur can range in color to very black or brown. American black bears are omnivorous, they like to eat berries, meats, roots, insects, larvae, and fish. They are also able to murder adult deer and hoofed wildfire kill elk, deer, and moose they are attractive to human garbage. Grizzly Bears are dark brown, there are omnivores. They eat roots off plants, berries, and eat through garbage dumps. Female Black Bear gives birth to their cubs in the winter in the den. In January or in February

  • Red Panda Description

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    For this unit in art i will be sculpting a red panda. There are many amazing aspects to this wonderful animal, such as their cute body, where they live, what they eat, what they do in their free time, and some special facts about this cool creature. After this you will be fully educated in the life of a red panda. The red panda really is a cute animal. Its back and torso consists of bright red-orange fur, while its belly and paw are a silky dark black. Their face is semi white with faded red-orange

  • Felines In Ancient Egypt

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    said to be very protective and gentle (Donn), just like a mother cat would be (Stone). Bastet is the goddess of sexuality, home life and childbirth (“Mythology:). Bastet also had a child of her own named Mihos. Mihos is depicted to have the head of a lion (Alchin). Bastet can be traced all the way back to 3,000 B.C. to 3,440 B.C. in Egypt (Stone). Bastet was seen as a lioness up until about sixteenth century B.C. Now Bastet is seen and depicted as a domesticated cat; sometimes seen as the Sand Cat,

  • Big Bill's Analysis

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    Saddle up to meet the 5th member of Leo Royale, Jesse Underwood, a rough and tough Chimaien Lion with a southern charm! Born and raised in Marigold Bay, Chima, this country Lion loves to play guitar for his pals and get his paws dirty in a good ol’ mud wrestling match. In Leo Royale, the other members consider Jesse the “Dad” of the group. Although Jesse can be as wild as the west at times, he is a gentleman Lion with an inviting and mature nature to him. Always looking to keep the peace, Jesse will

  • Grizzly Bear Essay

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    Grizzly Bear The Ursus arctos horriblilis mostly known as the Grizzly bear is a mammal and an Omnivore. At around the height of 2 meters it is a historic type of bear. It is famous for it’s massive claw’s and it large intake of food per day averaging at 30 kilo’s. As omnivores, Grizzly bears will eat anything nutritious that they can find, gorging foods ranging from roots to sheep. Their diet adapts depending on what foods are available for the season. The Grizzly bear is one of the biggest and

  • Pros And Cons Of Zoo Animals

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    The ferocious yell of a tiger. The powerful cry of an elephant. The mighty roar of the gorilla. All attractions that lead to people visiting their local zoos in hopes of seeing these magnificent creatures in action. However, there’s nothing fascinating about these creatures behind bars. The cruel imprisonment of animals for human entertainment has led to a plethora of problems that not only violate the rights of the animal but the morale of humanity. Regardless of how well cared for and loved the

  • Essay About Mountain Lion

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    Introduction Mountain lions, also known as pumas or a cougar, the Felis Concolor Hippolestes have a very vague history. The fossil record of these large felines is a mystery to many, according to the Mountain Lion Foundation, for two reasons. The first, is that most ancestral cats occupied tropical forests where the environmental factors made it difficult to preserve fossils. The second was that the physical characteristics of these large cats were similar to the capture of prey making it difficult