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  • Clinical Nursing Practice

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    relation to two clinical nursing Problem from your area of nursing practice (general nursing)   INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Sasha Samaroo-Burgos By Tracey Williams Date 19TH October 2017 Approval………………… Question Conduct a literature review that critically debates the current evidence in relation to two clinical nursing problem from your area of nursing practice (General nursing) Patricia’s Benner

  • Reflection In Nursing Practice

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    Reflection has been strongly advocated by the English National Board for Nursing & Midwifery (1994), United Kingdom Central Council (UKCC) (1996), and a wealth of nursing literature over the past decade to improve nursing practice. Reflection is an in-depth consideration of events or situations outside of one-self, solitary, or with critical support. Burnard (1995) argues that, reflection has its roots in experiential learning, as it forms the second stage of the experiential learning cycle. Active

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing Practice

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    ethical dilemma from nursing practice and by using an ethical framework critically analyse the main issues arising from the problem. The essay will discuss the definition of ethics and it will briefly discuss the main theories of ethics. It will examine an ethical dilemma surrounding organ transplantation and it will analyse the conflicts by using the main principles of ethics. Finally, it will give recommendation in relation to ethics and its application to nursing practice. Ethics is a branch

  • Quality In Nursing Practice

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    ASSURANCE IN NURSING 8.0 INTRODUCTION/IDENTIFICATION OF CONCEPT Standard is an established measure that is used as comparison for quantitative or qualitative value, norm or criterion. A standard can be defined as a practise that enjoys overall recognition and conformity among professionals or an authoritative statement by which the quality of education, practice or service can be judged. It is a performance model which integrates criteria with norms and is used to judge the quality of nursing objectives

  • Advanced Practice Nursing

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    Advanced practice nurses (APN) have a vital role in the future of health care, especially since the enactment of the Affordable Health Care Act. With more citizens having health insurance coverage they will be seeking health care providers, and there are not enough physicians to care for them all. According to Letiziam (2014), advance practice nurses are licensed autonomous health care providers that have been trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients and their conditions. Advanced practice nursing

  • Confidentiality In Nursing Practice

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    4. CONCEPT 4-CONFIDENTIALITY IN NURSING PRACTICE Confidentiality according to Wes Janison, WPI Interdisciplinary and Global study division is an explicit or implied guarantee by a researcher to a respondent in a social science whereby the respondent confident that any information provided to the researcher cannot be attributed back to that respondent. Thus, confidentiality is an active attempt by researcher to remove any trace of respondent identities from the records. PERSONAL CONTEXT: Confidentiality

  • Reflective Practice In Nursing

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    I was a nurse at government hospitals. I am served for thirteen years. I graduated from nursing college under the government. Five years of my served, I take course oncology post basic. I take care of patients receiving palliative chemotherapy and completely palliative patients. My ward has six nurses have a diploma in nursing and six health care assistants. My ward has eight beds. My work schedule is based on a shift. Three times a daytime. In my workplace as a learning environment I find three

  • Ethical Nursing Practices

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    Jennah implemented ones role as a nurse in ways that reflect integrity, responsibility, ethical practices & evolving identity as a nurse committed to caring, advocacy and quality while adhering to evidence based practice by treating all individuals with dignity and respect. For example, what I could see, Jennah was nice to everyone. She was willing to step up and help out others. Jennah demonstrated appropriate written, verbal and non-verbal communication in a variety of clinical contexts by using

  • Evidence Based Practice In Nursing Research

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    Discussion of Evidenced-Based Practice as a Science The science of nursing is based on evidence-based practices and constitutes the core of nursing. What is wrong with the patient? Why are they here? What information do you have to support your care plan? What subtle changes in their condition are important? When do you respond to or call a doctor to intervene in their condition? Can you anticipate the coming needs of your patient based on the numbers and the results given to you? Can you correctly

  • Florence Nightingale Theory Of Nursing Practice

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    he gave us excerpts from Nightingale’s book: Notes on nursing (1860). She had created a fundamental theory for nursing entitled the Environmental Theory which changed the face of nursing practice. As a result of her observations, she had come up into making the theory. Nightingale explained this theory in her book entitled “Notes on Nursing: What it is and what is not.” This philosophy had prepared Florence Nightingale the paramount Nursing theorist, this theory is the first of many, but its concepts

  • The Definition Of Ethical Nursing Practice

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    Define in your own words "ethical nursing practice." Ethical nursing practice is knowing the right thing to do and doing it in the best interest of the patient to restore health and safeguard life. Describe the basis or framework you used for your definition. The basis of the definition is the ethical principles of nursing. This provides the standards for judgement and decision making. Beneficence- This demands the nurse to do good,and choose the best choice of care in any situation and always

  • Environmental Factors In Nursing Practice

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    Skilled and competent nursing care is insistent by all members of the community seeking care and treatment in the hospitals. Promotion in the disease rate and type in this present era leads to increasing requirement of hospitals and quality nursing care. Advancement in the health care delivery system and knowledge intensifies the expectations and roles of nurses, leading towards provision of incompetent Nursing care in the Hospitals. Nurses are with patients throughout the continuum of life. Nurses

  • Advanced Practice Nursing Role

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    Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) play a vital role in the future of health care irrespective of their specialty .APRNs are often primary care providers and are at the forefront of providing preventative care to the public (Nursing World, n.d.). Advanced practice nursing roles are developing globally, and opportunities for advanced practice nursing are expanding worldwide due to the need for expert nursing care at an advanced level of practice. . The role of the Nurse Practitioner (NP)

  • Values, Ethics, And Nursing Practice

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    will lead you through my learning outcomes starting with the 2 most engaging and least engaging concepts including professional organizations, the history of nursing, nursing theories and values, ethics, and nursing practice, the two concepts I believe are the most important in my nursing career including Values, ethics, and nursing practice, and human relationships and how they will impact my future as a nurse, I will also explain two learning outcomes in the course and how I’ve developed the skills

  • Reflective Incident In Nursing Practice

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    critical incident made me feel sad and disappointed in myself. After this incident, I started to blame myself for the fall and this affected my nursing practice until the end of my shift. I still being uncomfortable and not confident on that day while performing my nursing skills and felt sad throughout the day. Even until now it still affect my daily routine of nursing care. I became more paranoid to patient and afraid it will occur

  • Personal Philosophy Of Nursing In Practice

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    Personal Philosophy of Nursing in Practice (All information in this case study has been altered to protect the patient 's identity.) Student nurse Michelle and her preceptor are assigned to 89 year old Mrs. Chan who has just been admitted onto the medical unit for a urinary tract infection. Mrs. Chan speaks minimal English, and has her daughters with her to translate throughout the day shift, and to have a day of celebration for the Lunar New Year. Upon morning assessment, Mrs. Chan 's vital signs

  • Clinical Problems In Nursing Practice

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    Reflect upon the clinical problem that you have identified in your area of nursing practice (as identified in Module 1). Critically appraise the research and summarize the knowledge available on the clinical problem. The problem that was identified in my module 1 is Oxygen desaturation in the pacu patient or post-op surgical patient, patient that is still on opiate analgesics after surgery. The clinical problem that was presented in module 1 reflects on the bodies decrease respiratory capacity after

  • Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing

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    Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare Introduction Evidence-based health care refers to the careful and thoughtful decision-making that happens during patient care, which is greatly influenced by valid and clinically relevant research, to provide quality patient care and improve patient outcomes (Broom and Adams, 2012). As such, the main aim of the evidence-based health care is to help healthcare providers make choices that best affect individual patients, of which they have to base their

  • Practice Placement Portfolio In Nursing

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    A practice placement portfolio is a collection of work by an individual which is used as evidence to show achievements and other learning that has taken place to enhance their professional development (Hayes E. 2013). It has an important role in the educational development of nursing students as it is a tool which can evaluate the student’s learning during the undergraduate programme and can act as a link between theory and practice (Jones E. 2010). It enables them to demonstrate the knowledge and

  • Influence Nursing Practice And My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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    Philosophy of Nursing Introduction Nursing is a discipline that is guided by philosophical orientations that create a base for the development of nursing theories that translate into clinical practice. McEwen and Wills (2014) state, “rather than focus on solving problems or answering questions related to that discipline, the philosophy of a discipline studies the concepts that structure the thought process of that discipline with the intent of recognizing and revealing foundations and presuppositions”