Paramedic Essays

  • Becoming A Flight Paramedic

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    Becoming a Flight Paramedic When entering an occupation in which you want to pursue, being passionate about it is the most important characteristic an individual can possess. Taking immediate action, and being under pressure to save a person’s life, makes me passionate about my chosen occupation. A Flight Paramedic is always put on the spot for providing quality care to patients that are at there worst. Becoming a Flight paramedic involves having the mental and physical stamina to fulfill the job

  • The Importance Of Adversity In My Life

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    Adversity is defined as a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress (Adversity, 2018). My family has played tremendous roles when I have been hit with obstacles in my life. in who I have become as a person. During these trials, I have learned to adapt the philosophy of “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” by Friedrich Nietzsche. (The Telegraph) Friedrich Nietzsche was a “German classical scholar, philosopher, and critic of culture, who became one of the most influential of all

  • Never Let Me Go Literary Analysis

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    Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go takes place in the late 20th century, in a very different England where humans are cloned to produce more organs, which they need to give away once they reach adulthood. These “ clones “ grow up in different houses where they are taught everything they need to know to get through their miserable life. Hailsham is where Kathy grew up and is seen by all the other children as the ideal place. A child coming from Hailsham is seen as special by those who were “

  • A Career: My Career Goals For Becoming A Nurse

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    Did you know "becoming a certified nurse practitioner requires completing 500 didactic hours and 500 to 700 clinical hours" (Interesting Facts About Nurse Practitioner Grads)? Becoming a nurse takes continuous hours of study and practice in order to be successful. In this world, people are always needed that are willing to take care of others. Some individuals dream of becoming nurses or doctors ever since they were young, like myself. Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to impact the lives of

  • A Career As A Paramedic

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    I chose the job of paramedic because I wish to fall into this job as I progress and get older. What exactly is a paramedic? A paramedic is a medical worker who is trained to administer on site emergency care. What roles and responsibilities are paramedics faced with? There are many places and organizations where you may find paramedics. Their duty varies depending on job placement and circumstances. They are responsible for getting to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible so that they

  • Becoming A Paramedic

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    The Journey to Becoming a Paramedic When choosing a career there are many things you must take into account. Money, hours, stress, longevity, passion, and opportunities to advance are just a few. Being passionate about what you choose to do is one of the most important. When you pick money over all other things your long term happiness can tend to suffer. So when I decided on my career money was a factor but the main question was “Will I be happy doing this forever?” My goal is to earn the knowledge

  • Essay On Paramedics

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    training and the addition of 30 to 350 training hours. You 'll also learn to administer intravenous fluids, some medications and manage more advanced equipment.Paramedic is the highest level of training. Paramedics are trained, usually at community colleges, in anatomy and physiology. In some cases, paramedics are awarded associates degrees for their training and finish the program prepared to take their NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) to become a licensed paramedic.The average

  • Paramedic As A Healer

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    a great impact on the patient’s wellbeing and in some worse cases, the patient’s life can be in danger, therefore leading them to feel helpless. As a healer, when Paramedics empathise, respect and display a genuine concern to help a distressed patient, they are seen by the community as a compassionate caregiver – a healer. Paramedics as a clinician holds the responsibility to provide lifesaving medical interventions to matters threatening

  • Advantages Of Paramedic Practice

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    Paramedic practice is ever changing and it’s a continuing challenge to provide the best care for patients. Many studies that have been conducted with evidence based practice are still relativity infantile within a prehospital or emergency medical service environment. Evidence from Merrill (2014) indicates that “evidence based medicine” only began to progress in the 1970’s. This patch will aim to discuss, explore, investigate and to analyse the outcomes within the method of qualitative research

  • Essay On Becoming A Paramedic

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    order to become a paramedic. I want to be giving the opportunity that my family was never given. I want to be the first one out of my family to actually get the chance to go to college and to actually have my dream job. Many people just want to go to college to mess around or to party. I want to go to college to actually become something, to have the ability to work in a job where I actually want to work at not just only in fast food places or even the fields. Becoming a paramedic caught my interest

  • Paramedic Career Path

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    The Exploration of the Career path for a Paramedic As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in the unpredictable and fast paced nature of emergency medicine. So when given this assignment I knew that I wanted to find out more about a profession in this field of medicine. I found the idea of becoming a paramedic especially intriguing and wanted to find out more about the profession especially since I know several people who are in this profession already. I had the pleasure of being

  • Paramedic Listening Skills

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    authorised by Paramedics Australia. This report has been gathered together to obtain the minimum requirements of the report assignment for COR109 Communication and Thought. 1.2. Limitations This report is limited to listening, feedback and questioning skills applied to the field of paramedics. Further limitations include the use of only secondary sources. 1.3. Scope This report focuses on the explanation of interpersonal skills of listening, feedback and questioning within the paramedic workplace and

  • Essay On Emt-Paramedics

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    to save people in need, in many cases it causes more than just temporary danger, but can affect paramedics in the long run. Very frequently EMT-paramedics develop PTSD, which stands for post-traumatic stress disorder, and it is due to negative events that lead to awful memories. A case study that examined the correlation between EMT-paramedics and PTSD states, “Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are subject to critical incidents, defined as stressful workplace incidents that evoke acute distress

  • Effective Pain Management In Nursing

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    Effective pain management is a vital component to quality patient care. Nurses play an essential role in implementing pain management. Empowered nurses equipped with the latest evidenced based knowledge, skills and information are able to provide safe and compassionate care during the most vulnerable time in the life of critical care patients. Evidenced- based pain management information is crucial to provide the nurse with unbiased skills that could form the basis of their knowledge and attitudes

  • Personal Narrative: My Paramedic Person

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    help someone with a flat tire in the rain or return a lost item to the lost and found and did not expect a return favor. I have had a few weeks to think about this assignment and the act of kindness that comes to my mind is the time that I and my Paramedic partner in Cape Coral, Florida had taken and older “late eighties” woman who was wheelchair bound to the hospital for a medical problem. She lived with her frail husband who we could tell did his best to make sure he was taken care of her the best

  • Reflection Paper On Job Shadow

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    During my job shadow at FM Ambulance, we worked alongside many other people in multiple careers. There were three paramedics in truck that I was in, and we saw many other paramedics throughout the day from different trucks. We also interacted with the police and firefighters a lot, because all three of the first responder units would be called to the scene sometimes, depending on the situation. The other occupation that we interacted with the most, was the nurses and emergency room staff at the hospitals

  • Pros And Cons Of EMS System

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    years EMS systems have made several advancements, making EMS more progressive and modern. Since the White Paper was release in 1966, several improvements have been made, including education in EMS. Currently, there is controversy on the issue if paramedics should possess some type of college degree, whether it is a two year, 4 year, or even higher. There are many pros and cons, including but not limited to the length to complete

  • Nsw Health Case Study

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    ethical and legal situations that arise from the treatment and transportation of Craig. As the police are now involved the paramedics have better assistance with the legal side of restraint however the ethical issues remain import and need to be managed correctly. The first issue raised is the physical restraint of the patient, even thought the police are present the paramedics could take a different approach to avoid the use of physical restraint. It could be argued that the physical restrain is

  • DRABC: The Primary Survey

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    The systematic approach of DRABC, also known as the Primary Survey, is strictly followed to diminish the mistreatment and misdiagnosis of the patient. This initial assessment becomes vital as it prioritizes the paramedics safety and the patient’s pre-hospital care. The Primary Survey (PS) consists of; Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation. However, the primary survey may differ regarding the patient’s conscious level. If the patient is unresponsive, the survey becomes DRCAB, in contrast

  • Canruss Business Model

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    you need Paramedics, Instructor and security services for your industry? Canruss Medical and Safety provides paramedic, first-aid, security and supervisor services in province of British Columbia for remote industries. We have great team members who come from proven experience, have qualifications and problem solving abilities. Our staffs experience Paramedics at all different levels to meet clients’ needs. All our Emergency Medical Technicians, Occupational First Aid Attendants, Paramedics, Nurses