President Essays

  • The Perfect President

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    In the history of the USA, we have had many presidents. Some ranging from truly amazing ones and ones who have brought our nation down. The perfect president is yet to be found, but maybe we can choose the best of what we have. The most important thing we have to look for in a president is not looks or wealth, but the characteristics that shine through them that would make them the perfect candidate. A lot of people have their perfect president in their own mind, but I 'm here to tell you about mine

  • President Characteristics

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    Have you ever wondered what kind of characteristics your president should have to be successful in the United States? Presidential elections generate a massive responsibility for the voters. Because the public is responsible for choosing whom they want, but to decide who is the right one, it goes to choosing the person with the right stuff. I think a president needs to be brave and make smart decisions before he does any action. I also think he should have experience if he wants to make a big decision

  • Challenges Of A President Essay

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    a controlled state, providing that all the power is not rested in a singular persons hands. Regardless, the president still faces many challenges being the nation’s foreign diplomat, commander in chief of the armed forces, problem solver in fighting crime and reviving a failing economy. Ultimately he is responsible for the security and status of the American Republic. Be that the president is the single most identified man in connection to our political structure, he faces several obstacles that

  • Becoming President

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    Becoming president is a job with many advantages and disadvantages. Many lessons are learned and decisions are established. Thinking of becoming president is not something easy and can’t be done overnight. The idea of becoming president is not something i would enjoy doing in life. For me would be an overwhelming decision because of the stress, not being born a U.S. citizen, making diligent decisions based on people’s opinions, and handling the thought of death. Overall being president should be

  • A Bad President: Abraham Lincoln: A Bad President

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    Abraham Lincoln; a Bad President Intelligent, beloved, caring, motivated, honest. All words many Americans associate with our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Very few people are bold or valiant enough to openly speak out against the president. Their arguments consist mainly of the fact he “emancipated” the slaves. However, Lincoln did not do this. Lincoln 's Emancipation Proclamation did not include border States such as Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and others.Although beloved by many, Lincoln

  • The Kid President Research Paper

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    Robby Novak - The Kid President Robby Novak or as most know him, Kid President, once said, “Give the world a reason to dance.” Novak wants to make the earth a better place by getting people to do several things. Novak is one energetic boy with an eager to have a better planet. he is a kid with one big heart, that is for sure. Novak created inspiration to be less boring and change the globe, used perseverance to innovate in ways to overcome his disease, and illuminate the planet by giving people

  • Chief President Research Paper

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    dedication, conviction, and passion. The President of the United States takes on a number of different roles simultaneously to fulfill their duties. These roles are: Chief of State, Chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator, party chief and chief citizen. As the Chief of State, the President is the head and ruler of the government and is also seen as a symbol of all the people. As the Chief executive, the President is vested by the Constitution with

  • President George Washington: What Makes A Great President?

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    President George Washington What makes a president great? A great President shows what they want for America, and what they want to do to make America better. Everyone wants different presidents and will not agree with other people's beliefs. Some people might want a president that will change America, and some people might want to keep America the same. Some people might not like the new president but there is nothing you can do. So today, we will talk about President George Washington, and how

  • President James Anderson Garfield: President Of The United States

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    President James Anderson Garfield is my president. He was unique because in October 1862, he represented Ohio 's 19th Congressional District. Garfield became a member of the Radical Republicans. I’m presenting all the positives of the president, James Anderson Garfield during his presidency. He was the 20th president of the United States. He was president on March 5, 1881 – September 19, 1881. He was a great president because in the six months of being president. Garfield had begun to see the education

  • Qualities Needed To Be President

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    abilities needed to be president, in many ways, mirror a lot of the same skills and abilities needed to succeed in life and in the workplace, but for a president, these must be at a higher level of excellence. To me, there are a lot of qualities needed in order to be the President of the United States, but three that really stand out to me as the most important would be intellect, vision, and perseverance. The obvious first answer is intellect. A national leader like the President of the United States

  • Unforgettable Presidents In America

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    Unforgettable Presidents in America Have you thought why you can live in a peaceful and modern America while your ancestors lived in a turbulent, suffering and behindhand colony. Have you imaged how hard the pioneers fight for present free and booming the New World. Have you considered to work for people in the nation even the world like American heroes. I’m inclined to think most of you haven’t thought it yet and be pessimistic to everyday without adequate energy to life. So today I want to talk

  • A Good President Essay

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    "Shall it be peace, or the sword?" Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). There are many qualities a president must have to be a good president. Those qualities include being the United States symbol of all people in the nation, being a good public speaker, taking control over the nations armed forces, and being the architect of the nation's public policies. Abraham Lincoln showed all of these great qualities during his presidency from 1861-1865. Abraham Lincoln was an amazing symbol of the United States

  • What Are The Greatest Presidents

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    America has a long history of event as the 240 year old republic has had 44 (soon to be 45) presidents of the federal republic. Over the course of time, there has been bad presidents and good presidents, but three presidents are iconic and stand out to the rest-George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. Which one of these three presidents are the greatest? Thomas Jefferson may not be as famous as Washington, but his contributions to early America was huge. Thomas Jefferson is the

  • The Strongest American President

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    There have been a lot of great leaders in the history of the United States, but three presidents stick out more than others. These three Presidents are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. In this essay I will be elaborating on which of these three leaders was the strongest president. First we have Abraham Lincoln. Abraham was President during the time of the Civil War. The Civil war was a dispute that would 've torn the country in half if it were 'nt for Abraham. Abraham

  • Next President Characteristics

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    (1) What are the top 3 characteristics you 'd like to see in the next President of the United States? There are many characteristics that I would like to see in the next President of the United States is but the main there are: Respect, Honesty and a good sense of Political/Economical knowledge. When it comes to Respect, I believe this is an important characteristic anyone should have especially the President. It is always good to have Respect for others even if we may or may not like them too

  • The Worst President Essay

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    The greatest president that has ever served the United States is George Washington. He was not only the first president of the United States but also the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He was victorious over the British and quickly became a hero doing so. He helped draft the constitution and with his leadership and courage. As first president, he become a role model for every other present succeeding him and helped create our countries values

  • President Persuasive Essay

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    who takes center stage in almost every news station is President Donald J. Trump. Democrats and republicans alike are at each other’s throats over this heavily debated topic: Does President Trump deserve to be president? Those on the far left have taken drastic measures to undermine his presidency. Some of those measures have caused people all around the country to believe that the second American revolution is upon us. After the president was elected into office by the people, protests broke out

  • Essay On President Of Government

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    The president is the head of state and head of government of the United States. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. The person in this position is the leader of the country which has the largest economy and the largest military, with command authority over the largest active nuclear arsenal. The president is frequently described as the most powerful person in the world. Article II of the U.S. Constitution vests

  • Pros And Cons Of A President

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    I have always contended that the President has little or no power. Or maybe a better way to say this is that he has the powers the US Constitution allows him to have, checked by the other branches of government and he can exercise them with the blessing of the US citizens. So his powers are very limited. For example, the president is the "Commander in Chief" so you would think this means that the Armed Forces answer to him. But image what would happen if he tried to take over the country

  • The Greatest President Dbq

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    Who do you think was our greatest president? Between Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, I believe that Lincoln was the strongest. Lincoln managed to bring our nation through the Civil War, "one of the bloodiest and costliest in the Nation 's history" (Stone 6) with his "leaderhship, his commitment to values, and his strong moral fiber" (Stone 3). He used various strategies to survive the war, including having advisors from the opposite viewpoint to be aware of both sides of