Public-key cryptography Essays

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cryptography

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    Cryptography is a technique or method to secure personal data from unauthorized user. In cryptography two types of operation are performed. (i) Encryption and (ii) Decryption. To encrypt and decrypt data a secret key is used. After encryption original data is converted into another format known as cyphertext, which is not easy to understand. In the present era everyone needs fast processing and less space required to store results in computation process as well as security of information. There are

  • Most Popular Cryptocurrency

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    Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and since the invention of Bitcoin there have been numerous other cryptocurrencies that have entered the Market. It is a currency that uses encryption technology which secures peer to peer transactions and which is generally free. Cryptocurrencies are very similar to fiat currencies because they too have no value attached to them. The only difference being that most the time cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any government or country. the

  • Cryptography Research Paper

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    Cryptography is one of widely used technique of secret writing which is the term used for data and information security and protects that information from various attacks. Cryptography is the process of converting a known text or plaintext into a human unreadable format called cipher text by encoding the original message using some encoding technique. Security is concerned with the protection of the network and data transmission over the network. Data Security is the most essential aspect of secure

  • Tourism Benefits

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    Over the past few decades, tourism has experienced the sustained growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors over the world. Nowadays, the business volume of tourism can be said to be equals to or even surpasses the business volume of food products, automobiles or oil exports. Tourism plays an important role in almost every country due to it has a greater impact on the development of country economy. The main benefits of tourism are creating extra money

  • Steganography Techniques Using Cryptography

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    Steganography Techniques Using Cryptography-A Review Paper Himanshi Sharma MTech(CSE) IInd Year E-Max College of Engineering and Technology Ambala, Haryana, India Email Id: Abstract: The two important aspects of security that deal with transmitting information or data over some medium like internet are cryptography and steganography. Cryptography results in converting plain text into cipher text which is in unreadable or in non-explanatory form, difficult to be guessed

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Data Analysis

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    applying hash for message authentication: 1. One is to apply hash to the message and encrypt it and decrypt it using the same key. 2. Hash is applied to the message and encrypted now the encrypted hashed message and message is sent to the receiver and the receiver decrypts it using the same key 3. Hash is applied to the message and encrypted using the sender’s public key now the encrypted hashed encrypted message and the message is

  • Nt1310 Final Exam

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    Answer:a 2. Which key is used to access the encrypted message? a) Encryption key b) Decryption key c) Primary key d) Foreign key Answer:b 3. Which of the following is a property of good encryption technique? a) Relatively simple for authorized users to encrypt and decrypt data b) Decryption key is extremely difficult for an intruder to determine c) Encryption depends on a parameter of the algorithm called the encryption key d) None of the mentioned Answer:b 4. Which key is used to encrypt

  • The Art Of Steganography

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    Public key cryptography is an asymmetric method that use a pair of keys for encryption: a public key which is used to encrypt data, and private, or secret key is used to decryption. It requires that a person must have a pair of public key and private key. The public key is distributed in the open so that anyone wishing to communicate with that in a secure way than he can use the receiver’s public key to convert the plaintext into cipher text. This

  • Why Is Data Storage Encryption Important

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    algorithms for encrypting information is called the symmetric-key or single key algorithm. It has this name because both, the encrypting and decrypting process are mirror opposites of each other. This method requires both, the receiver and the sender to have the same encryption key. Since both of them have the encryption key, they can write their plaintext and translate cipher text and whoever needs to read the cipher text can just use the encryption key to translate the cipher text to readable plaintext.

  • Essay On Blockchain Technology

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    network has the original record on their computer and can view all entries and record new ones. Transactions are put into blocks, recorded one after the other to form a chain of blocks (the 'blockchain'). The blocks and their content are protected by cryptography, so transactions cannot be destroyed or forged. This means that the ledger and network are trusted without an intermediary. Cross-border Payments The objective for financial institutions should be to deliver cross-border payment services

  • Text-Steganography Algorithm

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    between the parties demands that the content be decipherable by unauthorized entities. Steganography, though earlier to cryptography, was not practiced primarily due to the reason that the cover it requires is multiple times larger than the cover message. Several new and innovative methods of algorithms are being conceived, developed and proposed. The

  • Research Paper Steganography

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    multimedia carrier for e.g. video, audio and image files. Audio steganography hides data in a audio signal which is a cover signal without any modification in that cover signal. Generally, Steganography concept is confused with other technique such as cryptography and watermarking, but objectives such as imperceptibility, capacity of hidden data and robustness draws thin line between them. The prime goal of steganography is to reliably send hidden information secretly, and not to reveal its presence. In

  • The Importance Of Cryptography

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    What is cryptography? Cryptography is the study of utilizing science to encode and unscramble information. Cryptography empowers you to store delicate data or transmit it crosswise over frail systems (like the Web) so it can't be perused by anybody aside from the expected beneficiary. While cryptography is the study of securing information, cryptanalysis is the study of examining and breaking secure correspondence. Established cryptanalysis includes a fascinating mix of systematic thinking, use

  • Steganography Analysis

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    JPEG IMAGE STEGANALYSIS USING MACHINE LEARNING Abstract—This project deals with detection of steganography content. Steganography is the additional method in cryptography which helps to hide the coded message inside pictures, audio or videos. To hide the message is important but to reveal such content is more important to avoid usage by criminals. This project applies an approach of supervised machine learning to detect the presence of steganographic content coded by programs like Steghide in the

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of HIPAA System

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    appropriate exchange of private keys, where these exchange process be done in safe and secure manner. So this transaction usually performed among some type of face to-face meeting, which considered to be not practical in many situations and cases, especially when talking about distance and time into account. And if one expect that security is a risk to start with private key, because of the desire for ideal and safe exchange of data in the first place, so the exchange of keys seems to be

  • Why Is Data Encryption Important

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    using asymmetric key is one of the most trustable data security algorithm. When the sender wants to send data or message, data encryption will change the data to an indecipherable state by using algorithms or theorems. Data encryptions are initially used by the authority military to communicate with each other during the old days. Nowadays, data encryption has become more recognized and people use it publicly. Diffie-Hellman Key-Exchange idea is that individual can exchange keys openly while ensure

  • Traditional Secret Writing Essay

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    secret writing wants completely different users to encode their knowledge with their own keys. Thus, identical knowledge copies of completely different various users can result in different ciphertexts that makes Deduplication not possible.Convergent secret writing has been planned to enforce knowledge confidentiality whereas creating Deduplication possible. It encrypts/decrypts a knowledge copy with a confluent key, that is obtained by

  • Homomorphic Encryption Case Study

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    The so-called fully homomorphic encryption is considered the Holy Grail of Cryptography. Addition and multiplication are the main building blocks of computers, and the ability to make calculations on encrypted data without decrypting it, would lead to a whole new level of security. So, a company, for example, could send an encrypted database to a cloud computing provider, which would work on that data without decrypting it. If a customer wanted then to perform a search on their personal database

  • Steganoography Research Paper

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    The main objectives of steganography are high capacity of the hidden data, perceptual transparency (invisibility), temper resistance, undetectability, computation complexity and robustness. It is classified into three categories; Pure (no key), Secret key, Public key steganography. There are five types of steganography; image, audio, video, network and text. In image steganography, secrecy is achieved by embedding data into cover image and

  • The History Of Steganography

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    concealed and it may be plain text, cipher text, images, or anything that can be embedded into a bit torrent. It is composed of the cover carrier as well as the implanted message and it creates a stego-carrier. The concealing of data may oblige a stego key which is additional mystery data, for example, a secret word needed for implanting the information. When a secret message is hidden within a cover video, the subsequent item is a stego-video [6]. A conceivable equation of the procedure may be represented