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  • Characteristics Of Retail Banking

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    meaning of the retail banking as a kind of the bank credit services designed for individual customers, according to (NAGAR, MASIH, & BADUGU, 2011) the retail banking includes all services for individuals like deposit loans, credit cards, debit cards, mutual funds, and insurance products and all credit products and services which meet their constant needs. (Croxford, Abramson, & Jablonowski, 2005) The retail banking with new technology which helps the banks to manage the retail banking services with

  • Retail Banking Case Study

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    RECENT TRENDS IN RETAIL BANKING Due to the emergence of customer centric growth trend, today retail banks have understood the importance of meeting customer needs by which earning customer loyalty for long term growth. Due to the dynamic nature of evolving technology and competition within the sector, today we can see all the banks are coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep the customer happy. When banks try to create and manage customer relationship, several emerging trends affect the

  • Disadvantages Of Retail Banking

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    credit card in India 1.1 RETAIL BANKING ADVANTAGES: Retail banking is a type of banking, where individual consumer’ needs are met at the primary level i.e. by offering numerous products. This has become practical by the development of banking system and computerisation of banking process. Following are the advantages of retail banking: • Retail deposits constitutes core deposit and are stable. • Additional

  • Deutsche Bank Case Study

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    Deutsche Bank London Agency, as a business outlet in 1873 and was liquidated due to the First World War, in 1914, the bank cooperated with Midland Bank and many other banks in the European Banks ' International Company (EBIC) in 1963. European Banking Company (EBC) which operated in international financing and underwriting was established in London in 1973. London branch of Deutsche Bank was opened again in 1976 after the Second World War. A stake in Morgan Grenfell was acquired by Deutsche bank

  • Maggi Project Report

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    COMPANY REPORT on Maggi - Nestle Submitted by: Nisha Kumar AUD 1705 MBA-General (2014-2016) Under the Guidance and Supervision of MR.RAJNEESH MISHRA ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my sincere gratitude to every individual who has helped me and given me their full support in the completion of this report. I would like to thank Almighty God for giving me the knowledge and strength to undertake this research paper. I also like to thank Dr. Rajneesh Mishra, MBA Programme leader for

  • Management System Of Britannia

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    the biscuit, bread and cake segment, and amongst the top FMCG brands in India. Its brand range includes Tiger, Marie Gold, Good Day, 50:50, Treat, etc. Its vast distribution network reaches more than half of the Indian population through 3.5 million retail outlets like kirana stores and hypermarkets. Since product differentiation in markets like biscuits, dairy, breads, etc. is done at the sales and marketing level, Britannia realized the need of building face to face customer connect through active

  • Customer Satisfaction In Banking

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    Abstract Purpose of the study was to study the factors affecting customer satisfaction in banking sector of Pakistan and to find the connection between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Research of the study is quantitative and surveys research method has been used in it. Data was collected from different such as: Khairpur and Sukkur. Results of his study show that there is important correlation between service quality and attributes and customer satisfaction. It also

  • Business Analysis: PZ Cussons Ghana

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    Financial Position PZ Cussons Ghana started operation in the then Gold Coast in the 1930s as a trading concern imported goods from Europe for distribution and sale in the Gold Coast and West African as a whole. It is one of the first companies to have been listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange in the early 1990’s. PZ Cussons Ghana currently has a stated capital of GH¢ 21,600,000. It also has 200,000,000 authorized shares and 168,000,000 issued shares (PZ Cussons Ghana, 2013). PZ Cussons Ghana performed

  • Difference Between Wholesale Banking And Retail Banking

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    First, this essay describes the difference between retail banking and wholesale banking. Afterwards, the analysis digs deeper into the differences between a retail banking panic and a wholesale banking panic. Finally, it is stated how the early part of this crisis is different from historical episodes in the last two centuries. Difference retail banking and wholesale banking Retail banking comprises financial services provided from a financial institution (e.g. commercial banks) to households.

  • Fullerton India Case Study

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    Fullerton India is a non banking finance company and is a subsidiary body of Fullerton Financing Holdings Pte. Ltd. It launched its commercial operations in India in January 2000. The Fullerton India personal loan is helping the customers to meet their financial needs. These requirements can be large unexpected expenses, college admission fees for children, a medical exigency, a wedding in the family or that long awaited vacation the family had always wanted. Personal loan offered by Fullerton India

  • The Banking System In India

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    The Bank is a financial institution that performs several functions like accepting deposits, lending loans, agriculture and rural development etc. Bank plays an important role in the economic development of the country. The banking system is considered as the backbone of the economy and it has always played a significant and commendable role towards the growth of the economy of a country. The banks system is in charge of the mobilization of the funds from the areas where the funds are in surplus

  • Maybank Case Study

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    2. How The Maybank Apply IDIC Model? Maybank is Malaysia 's largest bank by market capitalization and one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia, which is the largest public listed company on Bursa Malaysia. Since commencement operations in 1960, Maybank has note down several accomplishments. One of the booties obtained by Maybank was the CRM Superiority Award 2010 due to of their outstanding performance and great-ROI consumer relationship management (CRM) programmer. Maybank has given the best

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Case Study

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    located at 27BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai,Maharashtra, India. In February 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, the group 's flagship company was given the licence to carry on banking business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. is the first company in the Indian banking history to convert to a bank. As on September 30, 2014, Kotak Mahindra Bank has over 641 branches and over 1,159 ATMs spread across 363 locations in the country History Kotak Mahindra group

  • Usha International Limited Case Study

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    Introduction to the USHA International Ltd. Company History Usha Internatinal limited was incorporated back in 1954 on 3rd of April where the company was registered under the name of “Styles of Agents & Distributors Limited”. Later on 9th June 1956 the word Private limited was added to the name of the Company by the assistant registrar of the companies in West Bengal. 13th November 1961 the company was re-registered where now its name was changed and it was now know as “Usha Sales Private Limited”

  • Customer Satisfaction In Retail Banking

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    examined the applicability of service quality of retail banking industry in Bangladesh and found that service quality is positively correlated with customer satisfaction; empathy had the highest positive correlation with customer satisfaction, followed by assurance and tangibility. On the other hand, Lo, Osman, Ramayah and Rahim (2010) found that empathy and assurance had the highest influence on customer satisfaction in the Malaysian retail banking industry. Arasli, Smadi and Katircioglu (2005) found

  • Swot Analysis Of Aeon Jusco

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    start of which was built on the back existing stores and with low capital spend, was the start-a key internal requirement. Tesco’s international operation, which started in1994, has steadily expanded and now accounts for half of its total retail space. Second, The Store Group was established in year 1968. It is also recognized as the largest and oldest existing supermarket and departmental chain by The Malaysia Book of Records since year 2001, with 75 operating outlets spanning approximately

  • Advantages Of Teaching Mentoring

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    The word mentor refers to a father figure who sponsors, guides and develops a younger person. Mentoring have played a significant role in teaching, inducting and developing the skills and talents of others (Ehrich et al, 2004). Research has also shown that mentoring yields benefits for mentees and mentors through career advancements and psychological support (Kram, 1985). Mentoring is often understood as a two way or reciprocal process that provides the benefits for the mentor (Levinson et al

  • Chain Roop Bhansali Case Study

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    span, he managed to get many big clients in the city and grew popular. Soon he changed the name of the company to CRB Capital Markets from CRB Consultancy and made it a Public Limited Company. Their expertise lied in many fields such as, merchant banking, leasing and hire purchase, bill discounting and corporate funds management, fixed deposit and resources mobilization, mutual funds and asset management, international finance and forex operations. He raised ₹ 84 crores with three public issues

  • Malalalkoff Berhad Case Study

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    Corporate Background Malakoff Berhad (MB) was an investment holding company, incorporated on 9 October 1975 as a plantation-based company and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 1976, Malakoff was listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange which known as Bursa Malaysia. A shift in its corporate direction resulted in the disposal of its plantation-based assets in October 1993 and the subsequent venture into an independent water and power producer company in Malaysia, Indonesia

  • Hsbc Case Study

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    British multinational banking and financial service company. Its headquarters is in London United Kingdom and is the world’s fourth largest bank with total assets of us$2.6 trillion. HSBC name is initially derived from Hong Kong and Shanghai banking corporation. It has 6600 offices around 80 countries and territories across Africa Asia Europe North America with 60 million customers. The bank is organized within four business groups’ global banking and markets, retail banking and wealth management