Salsa music Essays

  • Salsa Music Origin

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    The controversial issue of the origins of the salsa dance and music dominates the music industry in the US. Various explanations exist on the factors and circumstances which led to the emergence of the Salsa dance in the United States. Moreover, the contribution of different Afro-Latin music styles in the development of salsa music and dance styles have been under dispute. These Afro-Latin music styles stem their impacts on themes such as sentimental expressions, ideological and religious sentiments

  • History Of Salsa Music

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    Salsa is a dance that is popular among people from the Caribbean, and among native Spanish speaking people. Salsa music is actually influenced heavily by Spanish, European, and African music. Anyone that is familiar with Salsa music will certainly agree that this is very true. It is thought that Salsa music originated with the Latin community in New York. The fact is that Salsa popularity has risen considerably over the years. Today, the Salsa music is also a favorite outside of the Latin community

  • Latin Night At The Pawnshop Analysis

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    of a salsa band” (Espada line one), which o can see that you had an image in your mind of a ghostly figure of the people playing in a salsa band. Not only that, but you can feel yourself hearing them playing salsa music from your past. You go on to say on line two that the band are gleaming. I can definitely see that because when you go to a fiesta (party), you see all the lights flashing at the band and everyone else on the dance floor. With the lights shining and the rapid tempo of the salsa band

  • Advantage Of Dance

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    are at low risk or no risk for pregnancy complications, then definitely you could be on a dance floor. Dancing has amazing benefits on a pregnant woman’s body just like any moderate exercises. Listing below a few benefits - Swaying to your favourite music is a very good stress buster. - It helps you to relax better and also calms down your baby too. - If you dream of a flexible body during pregnancy, dancing fulfills it. - It helps in improving the blood circulation and provides healthy heart and

  • Personal Narrative: Pico De Gallo

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    Mexican household, the food we ate always had a spice to it. Whether the spice was on the side or already prepared in the food, my food always had a spice to it. My grandma’s favorite signature spice was her Pico De Gallo. Pico de Gallo also called salsa Fresca, is made from chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, fresh Serrano’s (jalapeños or habaneros are used as alternatives), salt, and key lime juice. At first I did not like Pico de Gallo because I couldn’t bear how spicy it was. My grandma noticed I

  • Fuego Tropical Concert Report

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    the faculty members at MSUM. There were two styles of music performed at this concert, which were Steelband and Salsa. Going into this, I knew some background on the history of steel drums and Trinidad, but not a lot about salsa dancing or the history behind the dance and music. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at salsa, and find out the history and culture surrounding it. In the late 1950s, Fidel Castro

  • Personal Narrative: How Salsa Music Changed My Life

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    As beads of sweat poured down onto the dance floor, I glance up at my partner, wondering how I ended up in what used to be the most dangerous country in the world, swaying my hips to salsa music. As to how I ended up in Colombia, it goes back to Spanish class in middle school. Despite the fact, I barely knew grammar or vocabulary, my new Spanish teacher from Bogota made speaking only in the language a hard requirement. I struggled with basic assignments and fared even worse on tests. After our

  • Afro-Cuban Orchestr Music Analysis

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    Orchestra, are three of the most influential and inspirational men to not only me but, the entire salsa community. The music created by these men are the creativity and foundation to what salsa has become. It is extremely heart-warming to read and understand more of the men who basically created what is Afro-Cuban salsa. The beginning to what has transpired into my personal passion, because I am a salsa-dancer. The Palladium and Copacabana were and still is, two of the most popular Latin dance clubs

  • Essay About La Sasa Dance

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    important part of daily life. There are many different dances, but four of the most popular are la salsa, el merengue, la cumbia, and el tango. La Salsa dance was born in Cuba, but has origins from many different countries. Salsa music originated in Eastern Cuba in the early 1900s. The music came from a mix of Spanish and Afro-Cuban music, using both rhythms and instruments from each style. Salsa dance is a mixture of many various styles and techniques. It was created by immigrants coming to

  • Celia Cruz Essay

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    contest that allowed her to start her music career. While Celia’s mother entered her in contests around Cuba, her father wanted her to become a teacher. Being a teacher was a common occupation for Cuban women at that time. Cruz enrolled at the National Teachers’ College, but ended up dropping out. She later enrolled at Havana 's National Conservatory of Music going against her father’s wishes. Though it was one of her professors that told her she should take up her music career full time.

  • Live Concert Performance Analysis

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    orchestra, but tonight it was just him and his keys. His only instrument was a piano keyboard. His performance took place at a hidden jazz club called Le Chat Noir located in downtown Miami. Le Chat Noir has a cellar downstairs where musicians play live music; and the scenery was very intimate. The lighting was dim with all the focus on the stage. Every wooden table seemed to be draped with

  • Country Music: Similarities Between Latin Music And Country

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    Our world has a lot of different kinds of music for everybody to listen. They all come from different cultures as their music comes from each of them. We all have different types of music to listen as we like. Music is a big thing for people because we are always around music. With two different types of music like Latin and country, so different yet similar to their background information. Latin music has it owns rhythmic and characteristics. Where they came from is a completely a different

  • San Sebastian Festival Essay

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    San Sebastian street. The festival is where the Puerto Ricans celebrate their cultural on the streets of Puerto Rico. The festival is held every year on the third week of January. There is a lot of different traditional activities and lots of live music shows. The importance of the festival is to keep some of the Puerto Rico’s cultural traditions alive. The original name of the San Sebastian Festival is the Fiestas de la Celle San Sebastián. The festival was started in the 1950’s by Father Juan Manuel

  • Garifuna Music Essay

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    Music is a source of energy that motivates me to get up every morning and reach for my goals. The love that I have for my type of music is unconditional because it shapes who I am and where I come from. I am Honduran-American meaning that we listen to Garifuna music and practice many traditions and rituals every time we hear the drums. In Honduras, the main language is Spanish but in rural areas (villages) we speak Garifuna. Garifuna are descendants from West African, Central African, Island Carib

  • A Song Analysis Of La Gozadera By Gente De Zhony

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    once said, “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends” (“Quotes About Power Of Music”). What is one of your favorite songs? Does this song have any special meaning for you? Music can be motivational, relaxing, exciting, or even frightening. Sometimes choosing a specific song as your favorite can be challenging, but there is usually one that you really like because the lyrics are relatable to you, maybe it describes your mood, or it may just be really catchy. Music also evolves

  • History Of Joropo

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    vs. Novena de casa of Brazil It had been suggested that the genuine root of culture has cultivated traditions. For different nationalities traditions are the most popular form of self–expression. When people listen to their own traditional music or dance their cultural dances, show their rituals or share their food with others, they give a voice not only to their souls, hearts and thoughts, but also to their traditions, morals and manners. For Venezuela, one of the most important reproduction

  • Carlos Santana's Role In Latin American Music

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    University. But Carlos Santana did not chose not to attend college he wanted to focus on his music. In 1966, he made his unveiling with his new formed group the Santana Blues Band. Two years later in 1968, Carlos Santana played at the famous Fillmore West in San Francisco.

  • Costa Rican Music In Costa Rica

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    of different ecosystems and a mixture of people with roots from all over, it is no surprise that the music has just as much diversity. Costa Rica has plenty of influences on their music: Indigenous, European, African, Western, and other Latin American countries. Therefore, music in Costa Rica stems from various genres because of the many influences from other cultures. Traditional Costa Rican music relies heavily on the indigenous, European, and African influences that are shown within Costa Rica’s

  • Samba Essay

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    recognized music genre not only among the Latino community but worldwide thanks to artists like Prince Royce and Romeo Santos (main singer of the group Aventura) creating a massive movement worldwide. As we move down to the South America, one may come across one of the most influential and beautiful countries of Latin America; Brazil. Brazil is situated in South America and is the homeland to Samba. Another genre of latin music popular worldwide is certainly Samba. Samba is the most typical music from

  • Latin American Dance Research Paper

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    Dance is one of the oldest activities ever done dating back to pre-historic time periods. Dance is a performance art form consisting of human movement. These movement has an aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged by performers and observers within a different cultures. Each culture interprets dance in their own way. Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, or by its historical period or place of origin. An important distinction is to be drawn between the contexts of