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  • Octopus Research Paper

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    BIO 308: ANIMALS : FORMS AND FUNCTIONS TITLE Abstract Introduction Octopuses are one of the smartest animals in the world. Octopuses live in oceans all over the world including pelagic waters ( near water's surface near the shells), coral reefs and crevices. Anatomy Octopuses are non skeletal organisms which are able to move around the water with speed and grace. They are able to fit into the space which is much smaller than their body size. Adult octopuses usually weigh 15 kgms and

  • Integrity In The Old Man And The Sea

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    In the modern day, the most important trait looked for in the profession field is not a strong work ethic, leadership, or charisma, but rather a strong sense of integrity. In “The Old Man and the Sea”, Ernest Hemingway utilizes Santiago as a protagonist who maintains a strong sense of integrity and chooses to never boast despite being presented with many opportunities to do so. While boasting may temporarily satisfies various insecurities, it leaves no lasting impression on the crowd who hears it

  • Human Nature In Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea

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    demotivators for Santiago. Striking against the odds, and rising from the ashes, Santiago set out to sea determined to catch the Marlin, showcasing his cut throat resolve. In the days stranded out at sea, fighting the Marlin and then later the Mako Sharks, Santiago’s behavior attributed to the humanoid attitude of

  • Compare And Contrast Squids And Octopuses

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    Which one do you fear: Octopuses or Squids? The seven oceans contain thousands of organisms, which create an aquatic ecosystem. Some of these organisms are peaceful friends, but some are ruthless killers. Throughout the history of marine species, octopuses and squids have been described as monstrous creatures, which appear as homogeneous species, but they contrast with each other. Sharing various comparable traits and physical features, made it confusing for humans to organize them in the classification

  • Santiago In The Old Man And The Sea

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    Is it possible to remain feeling young, even in old age? The main character, Santiago, of The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway sets a great example of this. Literally by the title of the book, Santiago is an old man. Contrary to this, he has quite a youthful way of life. The old man feels youthful because he is still strong and smart, he spends his time in a youthful atmosphere, and he acknowledges that he is old but does not let that stop him. Firstly, the old man feels young because

  • Cobias Research Paper

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    crustaceans, cephalopods, and small fishes such as mullet, eels, jacks, snappers, pinfish, croakers, grunts, and herring. Their predators of cobias are dolphin fish (Coryphaena hippurus) that is known to feed on immature cobia. Also, the shortfin mako sharks are known to feed on adult cobia. Reproduction and life history: Cobias are pelagic spawners. During spawning which takes place diurnally, cobia broodstock release eggs and sperm into offshore open water and/or in estuaries and shallow bays

  • Sea Lion Essay

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    Science: The sea lion is a sea mammal its scientific name is Zalophus californianus and it lives around several parts of the world and has over seven species and one extinct and they are the California Sea Lion, Steller Sea Lion, Australian Sea Lion, Galapagos Sea Lion, New Zealand Sea Lion, South American Sea Lion, and the Japanese Sea Lion which went extinct due to WWII. The Sea Lion belongs into the Kingdom of animalia, Phylum: chordata, Class: mammalia, Order: carnivora, Family: otariidae, Genus:

  • Hawaii Fishing History

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    History of commercial fishing in Hawaii Shortly after Statehood, a U.S. De­partment of Interior, Bureau of Com­mercial Fisheries proposal labeled the Hawaii fishery as "dying". Hawaii's major commercial fisheries had been dominated by traditional prac­tices that reflected Hawaii's Japanese immigrant heritage and its impact on the local fishery and seafood markets. The predominant commercial fishery was aku (skipjack tuna), which was caught by a live-bait, pole-and-line, wooden sampan fleet, known

  • Game Show Survivor Character Analysis

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    Doctors, astronauts, farmers, students, teachers, athletes, police officers, and people from all walks of life, come together, to compete against each other, on the Game Show Survivor. They live off of bugs, coconuts, and anything else they can scavenge with a machete and axe, and sometimes, they are lucky enough to win a fishing spear and gain the ability to catch fish. Each person comes in knowing who they are, their morals, values and limits, but they can easily come out a ‘rat’, ‘cancer’, ‘snake’

  • Cause And Effect Essay On Crayfish

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    Recently, the famous clear waters of Crater Lake and the Mazama Newt that resides there have been threatened by the expanding crayfish population. In 1915, humans wanted to provide food for the non-native fish in the lake, so they introduced crayfish. In addition to threatening the newt, a drastic change in population threatens the magnificent clear waters of Crater Lake. Officials have attempted to place large, metal underwater barriers to try and slow the spread of the crayfish. The 18-inch tall

  • Hooked By An Octopus By Mike Degruy: Film Analysis

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    and that was the moment he became hooked. Later in his life he became an American documentary filmmaker specialising in underwater cinematography. Mike DeGruy was a regular on Shark Week and even a shark attack survivor. He is well known for his shark attack in april of 1978 where he got severely bitten by a grey reef shark. He was a member of many deep sea expeditions and was a part of the team that first filmed the vampire squid and the nautilus. Mike DeGruy died in a helicopter crash in Australia

  • Importance Of Humphead Wrasse

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    SAVE THE HUMPHEAD WRASSE!!!! Why because the humphead wrasse is endangered because the spear fishermen and poachers are killing the poor poor humphead wrasse, I mean how would you feel if you were just swimming in the water with not a care in the world and then bang!! all of a sudden you feel a sharp pointy thing go straight through your brain. The humphead wrasse are getting poached and sold for $60 - $120 per kilo. The humphead wrasse is the largest living member of the labridae family, but not

  • Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay

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    “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.” Many environmentalists believe this is true when it comes to businesses overruling the environment in so many cases. In the Japanese dolphin slaughters is a prime example of that. The dolphin slaughters are eventually going to cause an entire species to become extinct because they are killing around 20,000 bottlenose dolphins per year. Taiji, alone, kills more than 2,300 Bottlenose Dolphins during the hunting seasons (Glionna). Japan likes

  • Old Man And The Sea Quotes

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    Santiago suffers greatly, but he still continues to do what he loves, and that is fishing. He had great difficulties trying to catch the marlin but he never gave up. Santiago’s unbelievable will to continue was shown through hardships at sea, horrible shark attacks, and hurts. Santiago is in the middle of the ocean and he had not caught a fish in 84 days, yet in this hardship, he still continues with hopefulness. Manolin is encouraging Santiago to continue fishing when he says, “‘But remember how you

  • How Does Santiago Influence Ernest Hemingway's Early Life

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    Ernest Hemingway, a renown author of many books, was born on July 21, 1889 in a place by the name of Walloon Lake, Michigan. Here, instead of cars and machinery, Hemingway grew up to the sounds of nature. (Palin, Ernest Hemingway) By the time he was four, his father had already taught him how to use a gun and how to hunt. (Palin, Ernest Hemingway) Hemingway loved hunting, but this was not the only thing he inherited from his father. Ernest also shared his father’s love and respect for the animals

  • Orinus Orca Research Paper

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    Territories border a specific species’ personal space, the Orinus orca is no stranger to this as any other living thing. What makes the whale’s reputation “killer” is its compliance to territories. Killer whales are innocent, but immature. Their actions prove them to be “killer” as witnesses say, but do they really think on the Orinus orca’s perception of the situations of violence they are involved in? Killer whale’s do what any other wild animal does, and when captive it is no surprise they would

  • Ocean Whaling Research Paper

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    Whale, aquatic mammal and the largest animals that have ever lived in the ocean. They are most closely related to hippopotamuses. Characteristic and behavior are warm-blooded, and produce milk to feed their young. Their adaptation for aquatic life include a streamlined form, the tail is used for propulsion and the head is very large. The whale have nostril where is on the top of the head called blowholes. They have small eyes, great pressures and hearing also excellent and extremely intelligent.

  • Symbolism In Jack London's The Heathen

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    This story demonstrated how two strangers, Charley and Otoo, overcame a series of life threatening events which resulted in the creation of a brother-like bond between the two. This relationship later led Otoo to willingly sacrifice himself to a shark so that Charley could make it to safety. When observing the minutiae within the text, London’s use of symbolism allowed him to incorporate messages that led to a deeper understanding of the text. While there were many important symbols throughout this

  • Sea Lamprey: Aquatic Life In The Great Lakes

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    A vampire will slowly drain your blood, a Sea Lamprey does the same for aquatic life. This invasive species bites onto a fish with its suction mouth that is with 12 sets of teeth. Then it uses its tongue to get beneath the skin of its prey and releases an enzyme to prevent the clotting of blood so that it receives more food whilst eating. Also, one female lamprey can lay an abundance of eggs, up to 10,000 eggs in one mating season. The Sea Lamprey has no weaknesses in the Great Lakes. Even so, humans

  • Belly Feathers: Emperor Penguins Color

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    Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguins colors are black or bluish-gray, and the belly feathers are white.The adults height is 3.6 ft - 4.3 ft. There mass for male and female after breeding season are both 51 lbs.The penguins appendages are the flippers,the feet which are webbed for swimming,the tail and the beak.The difference between the male and the female emperor penguin is that the female are shorter and the males are taller.A penguin is a bird and is covered with feathers. Their feathers are short