Importance Of Humphead Wrasse

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SAVE THE HUMPHEAD WRASSE!!!! Why because the humphead wrasse is endangered because the spear fishermen and poachers are killing the poor poor humphead wrasse, I mean how would you feel if you were just swimming in the water with not a care in the world and then bang!! all of a sudden you feel a sharp pointy thing go straight through your brain.

The humphead wrasse are getting poached and sold for $60 - $120 per kilo. The humphead wrasse is the largest living member of the labridae family, but not for long. Humphead wrasses live on steep coral reefs. The wrasse changes colour when mating, but soon there will be no more.

We need to put a stop to poaching, it is already illegal but people still do it, we need to make the fine even more so if …show more content…

From the photos you can see of the wrasse it looks like it would eat sea vegetables or something but no, it eats reef fish, mollusks, box fish, starfish and many more.

This fish is really boney but soon the will be none left, they are decreasing every month. By this rate there will be no more humphead wrasses by the year 2024. A usual humphead wrasse weighs to an amazing's and 2.29 metres in height.

if you ever see a humphead wrasse it looks blue and yellow with cool little patterns on its belly and has a big hump on its forehead, and changes colour, but you better go and find one as quick as possible, so go to america australia and wherever they live because they are all going, all dying, so you could either stand back and do nothing or try to find them and save them.

these animals are very important to the coral reef because it cleans everything up and eats anything that could hurt the coral reef. this is a great place for any more answers, and lots more information =

These fish are amazing but almost gone so we need your help to save them, SO LET'S DO

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