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  • Data Encryption Research Paper

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    Among them are double random phase encoding (DRPE) [1], digital holography [15], Fractional Fourier transform FrFT [5], [10], optical exclusive- OR [45], virtual (digital) optics [43], watermarking, and polarization [45]. These techniques use a complete optical set up which include; source light, lenses, mirrors, splitters, spatial filters, gratings…etc. Conventional optical encryption techniques are based on the classical 4-f system architecture ,see figure 1.1, [1][44][22], A two-lens processor, that uses two fixed random phase-masks one in the input and the other in the Fourier plane, respectively. In this technique the original image will converted into a stationary white noise [1] and the encrypted data is complex and have to be stored holographically. To record high quality approximations of both the amplitude and phase of complex valued wavefronts output by the optical encryption systems, digital holographic techniques have been used.

  • Steganography Research Paper

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    BASIC MODEL OF STEGANOGRAPHY The basic model of Steganography as shown in Fig.1 which it uses a cover medium (It used to hold secret data inside), the secret message (the secret data that is to be sent), hiding method (It used to hide secret message inside carrier file and produce the result is Stego-file) and an Encryption algorithm (the procedure is to encrypt Stego-file). The result of the process is the Encrypted Stego file which is the encrypted digital image/video that has the secret message hidden inside. Encrypted Stego-file is sent to the receiver via communication channel where receiver will get the secret data out from the Stego-file by applying an extraction technique/algorithm. IV. VIDEO STEGANOGRAPHY Steganography can be applied to video files i.e., if we hide information in a video file is known as Video Steganography.

  • The Importance Of Cryptography

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    What is cryptography? Cryptography is the study of utilizing science to encode and unscramble information. Cryptography empowers you to store delicate data or transmit it crosswise over frail systems (like the Web) so it can't be perused by anybody aside from the expected beneficiary. While cryptography is the study of securing information, cryptanalysis is the study of examining and breaking secure correspondence. Established cryptanalysis includes a fascinating mix of systematic thinking, use of numerical instruments, example discovering, tolerance, determination, and good fortune.

  • Essay On Steganography

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    Once successful they may reveal the information to others, modify it to parody or spoof an individual or organization, or use it to launch an attack. One solution to this problem is, through the use of steganography which is a technique of hiding information in digital media. In contrast to cryptography, it doesn’t keep others interpreting the hidden

  • Steganography Techniques Using Cryptography

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    Steganography Techniques Using Cryptography-A Review Paper Himanshi Sharma MTech(CSE) IInd Year E-Max College of Engineering and Technology Ambala, Haryana, India Email Id: Abstract: The two important aspects of security that deal with transmitting information or data over some medium like internet are cryptography and steganography. Cryptography results in converting plain text into cipher text which is in unreadable or in non-explanatory form, difficult to be guessed by eavesdropper, Steganography on the other hand hides the secret data into carrier medium in such a way that its detection is prevented. Steganography is not a replacement of cryptography but can supplement it to produce good results. It is observed

  • The Art Of Steganography

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    INTRODUCTION STEGANOGRAPHY Steganography is an art of hiding data inside data.Steganography is a form of security technique which is used to hide secret messages in various types of files, including digital images, audio and video. It is very old way of hiding secret data, but it changes a lot with the introduction of new technologies. There are many techniques available today for hiding secret data. For hiding in different cover media, there are different techniques. The main aim of steganography is to hide secret data in an innocently looking cover media.

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cryptography

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    Cryptography is a technique or method to secure personal data from unauthorized user. In cryptography two types of operation are performed. (i) Encryption and (ii) Decryption. To encrypt and decrypt data a secret key is used. After encryption original data is converted into another format known as cyphertext, which is not easy to understand.

  • Steganography Analysis

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    JPEG IMAGE STEGANALYSIS USING MACHINE LEARNING Abstract—This project deals with detection of steganography content. Steganography is the additional method in cryptography which helps to hide the coded message inside pictures, audio or videos. To hide the message is important but to reveal such content is more important to avoid usage by criminals. This project applies an approach of supervised machine learning to detect the presence of steganographic content coded by programs like Steghide in the images. Keywords—Steganography, Stego-images, Cover-images, Steganalysis.

  • Analysis Of Don T Blame The Eater

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    “The general public apparently believes subliminal advertising exists” (Broyles 393) however, what effects, if any, are there to the people that view them? There is a belief that companies can influence our behavior in life to the extent where they can, in part, remove the consumers ' choice in their purchases. The idea of advertising firms crafting advertisements with hidden messages that influence the audience to shop at stores, buy a certain product or even which foods we ingest is common in contemporary culture. David Zinczenko addresses many concerns about the marketing and health impacts of the fast food industry in his article, “Don’t Blame the Eater”. Zinczenko says is directly, “Fast-Food companies are marketing to children a product

  • The History Of Steganography

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    The conceivable spread transporters are blameless looking carriers (images, audio, video, text, or some other digitally representative code) which will hold the concealed data. A message is the data concealed and it may be plain text, cipher text, images, or anything that can be embedded into a bit torrent. It is composed of the cover carrier as well as the implanted message and it creates a stego-carrier. The concealing of data may oblige a stego key which is additional mystery data, for example, a secret word needed for implanting the information. When a secret message is hidden within a cover video, the subsequent item is a stego-video [6].

  • Image Steganography Research Paper

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    Steganography plays a major role in secret data communication. It is nothing but to communicate in such a way that not only the contents are hidden but also the existence of message is kept secret which makes it different from cryptography which concerns only with keeping the contents secret. Steganography and cryptography they both have the same purpose that is, to provide security to our data. But, they have a different approach. Steganography deals with making the data unseen and cryptography deals with making the data unreadable.

  • Steganography Vs Cryptography

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    Basically it’s a method of concealing the information in ways that prevents the detection of hidden information. We should encrypt our information before communicating. By doing this, even if the message is being found, the intruder won’t be able to learn what we are trying

  • Steganoography Research Paper

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    Section 6 gives the robust image steganography against attacks. Finally, section 7 introduces the conclusions. 2. Basic Structure of Steganography Steganography is not only the art of hiding data but also hiding the fact of transmission of secret data. It hides the secret data in another file in such a way that only the recipient knows the existence of message.

  • Research Paper Steganography

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    Abstract : Steganography is the methodology in science that involves communicating secret data in an appropriate multimedia carrier for e.g. video, audio and image files. Audio steganography hides data in a audio signal which is a cover signal without any modification in that cover signal. Generally, Steganography concept is confused with other technique such as cryptography and watermarking, but objectives such as imperceptibility, capacity of hidden data and robustness draws thin line between them. The prime goal of steganography is to reliably send hidden information secretly, and not to reveal its presence.

  • Cryptography Vs Steganography

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    Information security has two techniques: cryptography and steganography. Difference between these two comes from the fact that cryptography is the study of hiding information, while steganography deals with composing hidden messages. Cryptographic methods try to protect the content of a message, while Steganography uses methods that would hide both the message as well as the