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  • Super Size Me Analysis

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    1. Throughout the documentary “Super-Size Me” there was one main protagonist. After the introduction of the film, the viewer is introduced to the filmmaker and director, Morgan Spurlock. After “400,000 deaths each year due to obesity” and the risk of becoming overweight has increased dramatically to “1 in 4 people” in the U.S, Spurlock decided to take action. During the documentary, Spurlock took on an experiment of eating purely McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner for exactly one month. The

  • Essay On Super Size Me

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    I. Summarize the documentary “Super Size Me”. Give a detailed description of the coverage of the documentary, and state briefly the “take-away” message it gives. Do not cut & paste from reviews of the movie from any source. This must be in your own words. The film Super Size Me follows a New York man named Morgan Spurlock as he undertakes a 30-day journey to prove the effects of eating fast food three times per day. This experiment has a couple of rules: Spurlock can only eat and drink things that

  • Reflection On Super Size Me

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    Lecture Seven Reflection In current society, it seems that people are always living in the world that is influenced by globalization all the time. Super Size Me, a film shown in the lecture, has given a big shock to people reflecting the negative side of McDonaldization. It is considered that globalization is a double-edged sword that not only can bring people with a lot of benefits but also do harm to them. To have a rational and objective attitude has become an urgent matter for people when they

  • Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me

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    Essential English Assignment 1 text: In the documentary “Super Size Me” the film maker Morgan Spurlock is portrayed as the protagonist fighting against the antagonist which is the worldwide corporation of McDonalds. Spurlock places him self in the documentary as a hero who fights for the victims in this case two teenagers who developed health problems and decided to sue McDonald’s but the Judge in that case stated “if the plaintiffs can allege that McDonald’s products intended us is to be eaten

  • Junk Food Persuasive Speech

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    Wang 1 Tori Wang Mrs. Lynne Macias Eng IV 2 February 2018 Topic: Junk food Purpose: To convince listener that eating junk food can cause negative impacts on health Audience: Southern-Adventist university students I. Introduction A. Attention-getter 1. I will walk into the classroom with a cup of instant ramen noodles in my hands. (pathos) 2. (Ethos:) As a witness of dorm students from my old school, I saw my friend suffered weight gain, health issues and concentration troubles from

  • Burger King Communication Strategy

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    Bermal Kaplan 2011501156 Business Communication Assignment 1 Introduction …………………..…………………………...…………………… 3 Background Information …………………………………………………….... 3 Burger King ……………………………………………………………………. 4 Menu Adaptation …………………………………………………………….... 4 Communication Strategy ………………………….…………………………. 5 References …………………………………………………………………….. 6 Introduction Multinational companies concerning adapting themselves to the market plays a crucial role in today`s modern world. When it comes to the fields

  • Advantages Of Dietary Assessment

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    respondent burden, suitable for large scale surveys, and can be administered by telephone. However, there is an inevitable limitation because all the information dependents on the memory, and others weaknesses of this method estimation of portion sizes, single observation provides a poor measure of individual intake, bias in recording “good/bad” foods. Dietary history Dietary history assesses individual long-term dietary intake. Almost all research studies have used this method to gather diet

  • Ikea Leadership Style Analysis

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    1.3 Evaluate how leadership styles can be adapted to different situations Leadership style is the way and methodology of giving guidance, actualizing arrangements, and spurring individuals. Kurt Lewin (1939) refered... Drove a gathering of scientists to recognize diverse styles of leadership. The autocratic is not the best leadership style for an organization like IKEA this leadership style is best utilize when you have all the data to take care of the issue is accessible. A few people tend to think

  • Healthy Eating Speech Outline

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    Question One: A. Healthy Eating Speech a. Purpose Statement: The purpose statement of the speech is to inform the audience on how the food pyramid has changed over time, what healthy food to eat, what unhealthy food to avoid, and how to read a nutrition label. b. Thesis Statement: The thesis statement of the speech is that healthy eating can help the human body instead of harming it by eating unhealthy. B. Acupuncture Speech a. Purpose Statement: The purpose statement of the speech is to inform

  • The Pestel Analysis Of Goody's

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    Goody’s S.A. is the leading fast –food company in Greece, and belongs to Vivartia group .The company was founded in Thessaloniki by Mr John Dionisiadis in 1975. The first store in Athens was established in1981. In 1997 the company decided to expand its business in other countries and specifically in Cyprus, Portugal and Bulgaria. Nowadays the total number of the existing fast-food stores is approximately 170 in Greece, 5 in Cyprus , 2 in Bulgaria, 1 in Hungary and 1 in Romania . (Vivartia 2015)

  • Speech On Bad Eating Habits

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    Everyone have a bad eating habit, no one is perfect and food is most of time people’s comfort zone. There are some people who cannot function without having a heavy breakfast, there are some people who can't sleep without having a full stomach, there are some people who can't last a day without eating some chocolate. That makes us humans, even if you are a health geek or a vegan, that doesn't make you a perfect person or it wouldn't really keep you away from being sick, everything happens for a reason

  • Sausage Market Analysis

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    - I like sausage - Price - Because there isn't a sausage place near Taft. And I guess one would really attract sausage people and customers to buy. - not a fan of it - sausages are convenient to eat for busy people like me - mabilis kainin - I want to try it out - Because I love to eat sausage. - I eat sausages but its not my favorite food so 50-50 in buying. It depends on my mood. - i would love to try it and if i enjoy it i'll definitely go back and tell it to others

  • Junk Food Argumentative Essay

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    Definitional Argument: Junk Food Some believe and some doesn’t! While many foods appear to be healthy, the facts in them can be lie and they are actually junk food that is not good for the consumer. The food that this paper will explain is granola bars that will be the X term in this paper. Granola bars are marketed as healthy and yet there are many that are full with sugar and other chemicals that make them no better than a candy bar. The worst types of granola bar marketed are those that said

  • Persuasive Essay On Fast Food Industry

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    Fast food industries have been sucking consumers in through advertisement, enticement and new products for decades. Although it isn't a new epidemic, I feel as if it might be becoming worse in more recent times. With a more on-the-go community, better technology, and more new products, these unhealthy industries continue to prey on Americans, as well as people all over the world, and help to create an unhealthy lifestyle. I personally believe that without these institutions being so available

  • Descriptive Cross Sectional Studies

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    Unmarried and infertile people were not the part of my study Sample Size Slovin’s formula was used to calculate sample size from the population. (Ellen, 2012). Sample size was determined by using this formula. n = N 1+ (N) (E) 2 Desired sample size= n=? Population= N =250 Margin of error= E= 0.05 (with confidence interval 95%) n= 250 1+ (250) (0.0025) = 250 1+ 0.625 = 250 1.625 = 154 A sample size of 154 was calculated with a confidence interval of 95% and precision

  • Social Factors Affecting Teachers

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    2.5.1 Factors Affecting Teachers’ Morale The result of different study conducted provided many factors affecting teachers’ morale Mgalla (2011) grouped these factors into three factors financial factors, institutional factors and social factors. Financial factors These include lack of motivation, low salaries and inadequate supply of teaching materials with committed spending their own money to buy classroom materials for their student (Joseph, 2009). Insufficient teaching materials such as, appropriate

  • Nike Just Do It Campaign Analysis

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    NIKE “Just do it” Campaign. Introduction: Nike, Inc. is a top supplier and advertiser of sportswear and supplies. The American maker was established on Jan 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1978, the new Nike, Inc. was fabricated under the name of Nike. The world's No. 1 shoemaker outlines and exchanges shoes for a variety of sports. Nike produces dress and easy shoes, and also physical clothing. Nike is presently included in the outline, development and advertising of footwear, attire, supplies

  • Soft Skills Analysis

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    ABSTRACT: The current study is a Qualitative Analysis of 15 previously researched studies on the importance of soft skills among college students focusing on engineering students. The review of literature supports the fact that students at an undergraduate/ post graduate level require training in soft skills and leadership skills. The researcher discusses the importance of soft skills and training among college students taking support of the literature review and her experience in the field. Keywords:

  • Critical Discourse Analysis Definitions

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    Critical discourse analysis is concerned to analyze how social and political inequalities are manifest in and reproduced through discourse. It is associated with researchers such as Norman Fairclough, Teun A. ven Dijk, and Ruth Wodak. Critical Discourse Analysis provides theories and method for the empirical study of the relation between discourse and social and cultural developments in different social domains. Critical Discourse Analysis is used as a label in two different ways: Norman Fairclough

  • The Disadvantages Of Gadgets

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    I. Introduction In the generation today, everyone around you, especially teenagers, are using different kinds of smartphones, laptops, smart watches, and tablets. 83% of the human population are using or could be addicted to the modern technology we use. Gadgets are very easy to use and is very convenient to people. We use it to communicate with people, especially for those who are in abroad, we use it to express our feelings – hatred, pleasing acts, and many more, we use it to share our adventures