Touchdown Essays

  • Sam Bradford: Early American Football

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    Aided by multiple Ravens penalties, the Eagles first team offense moved the ball down the field methodically running 12 plays and gaining 84 yards on their way to a touchdown. Bradford was three of five on passing attempts with 35 yards and was able to find receivers Josh Huff and Jordan Matthews for first downs. His passes were not overly impressive, but seeing Bradford back on the field and going through live game action

  • Personal Narrative: Aiken And Gamble Montessori

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    busted in to give his team a 18-6 lead. A two-pint conversion try was stuffed by the Falcons once again, with 10:10 left. The ensuing kickoff was fumbled out of bounds by #4 Antwan Yett. Bad luck continue to plaque the Falcons, when a 25-yard touchdown run by Sanks was called back because of a holding pently, at the 8:03

  • Touchdown Tony Nathan

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    running back and he scored. While playing in high school Tony received the name Touchdown Tony. While playing football in high school the legendary coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Bear Bryant came and stayed at Tony’s house until he agreed to go to Alabama for his college year. Tony did end up accepting

  • Better Than A Touchdown Analysis

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    Writing Performance Task Unit 2 In the articles “What could be better than a touchdown,” and “Why we run,” it talks about the importance of mental strength and physical prowess. The question is, “Is mental strength and physical prowess equal? or Is one more important than the other?” Mental strength is more important than physical prowess. Mental strength is more important than physical prowess because a person needs to be able to strategize or fight for something rather than to actually be fit

  • Personal Narrative-Touchdown Pirates

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    It was almost 5 minutes till the end of the football game I was cheering at. The score was 14-6 and the Pirates were losing to the Barnegat Bengals. It was getting close to the end of the game so they really needed to score a touchdown. This could be the game that the Pirates won at. “Hopefully, this heat won't affect their playing!” I exclaimed. “Come on boys!” “You have to win this!” A lady from the crowds yelled. The people in the stands always scare me a little because when they scream it's

  • What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown Essay

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    mentally than physically for the big game. I say that mental prowess is as important as physical prowess in sports. I will use evidence from What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown and Why We Run to backup my claim that mental prowess is as important as physical prowess in sports. In the story What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown author Kelefa Sanneh tells the real life story of New York Jets safety Dwight Lowery. I know most people think football is all about strength and hitting people well Dwight

  • Personal Narrative: Touchdown Lafayette

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    “Touchdown Lafayette!” This was the start to my high school career and we were losing in the first half of the game. It took them forever to score so I believed that the defense could go hard and stop them just once. We knew if we lost it would be some smack going on social media so someone had to step up. Its 2nd and 12 in the 3rd quarter and we are winning by 4. Down set hut, the person I 'm guarding runs deep and I drop back. I see the ball in the air so I do what I’m supposed to do so I jump

  • What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown Analysis

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    not studying. In the passages, What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown by Kelefa Sanneh, and Why We Run, by Bernd Heinrich, you can really see where I’m coming from. Being an athlete takes a lot of practice and training your body physically. In the passage What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown, the author is trying to explain how if Folk would have missed the extra point, “the Vikings would have been able to tie the game with a touchdown drive and a two-point conversion.” This was possibly not the

  • Comparing Why We Run 'And' What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown

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    behavior is not up to date, but your physical strength is, you will most likely still not be able to complete the specific task because you are not mentally ready. I have thought about this a little bit, but after reading “What Could Be Better Than a Touchdown?” and “Why We Run” it has made me think deeper into this subject. I honestly think, that if you are not mentally ready for something, then you will not be able to achieve that goal. Your body and your mind, both have to be prepared to achieve your

  • What Could Be Better Than Touchdown Analysis Essay

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    important if not more. You would use intelligence or mental strength to find out if the strategy you use is the right one like in the story, “What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown?” Also if you have the strength to believe and vision you can finish like in the piece,”Why We Run.” The story, “What Could Be Better than Touchdown,” is about how you don't know if your desicion was a good one until you know it’s affects. I know this because in the story it says, “It’s probably impossible to contest the

  • Analysis Of What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown By Dwight Lowery

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    In this story, Jets football player Dwight Lowery has to put a lot of thought into his big touchdown where he “breaks toward the ball, intercepts it, and dashes twenty-six yards into the end zone.” ( Sannah 59) Another way this story shows you how important mental agility is, would be by the deciphering of thoughts. According to Sanneh, “There are a few situations in football where scoring an easy touchdown is the wrong thing to do.” This would be where Dwight Lowery would have to quickly put a lot

  • Narrative Analysis: The Carolina Panthers

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    Stewart for a 59 yard run! A couple of plays later Stewart runs the ball right up the gut for a touchdown and their kicker kicks an

  • Football Narrative

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    chance to have the ball first, so that meant that we had to do the best we could to try and get a touchdown instead of a field goal. We wanted to score a touchdown because when they get the ball if they don’t want to lose they have to score a touchdown or else we will win. With one play, the crowd, our coach, and our whole team are all excited because of what the offense just did, they scored a touchdown. The only bad thing is the Cowboys answered and we now have to go to yet another overtime, and this

  • Tom Brady Super Bowl History

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    Super Bowls after the Patriots overturned a 28-3 third-quarter deficit to snatch a sensational victory at Houston 's NRG Stadium. Brady, 39, collapsed to the turf with emotion after James White burrowed over from close range to score the winning touchdown on the opening drive of overtime. "We all brought each other back," Brady said. "We never felt out of it. It was a tough battle. They have a great team." The win completed a tumultuous season for Brady, who was banned at the start of the season for

  • Personal Narrative: M Is For Madden

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    responded with an assuring “Yeah man.” So we went into the basement, turned on the Xbox, and started playing Madden. I was the Browns and he was the Bears, he was also the home team. We battled and battled. Right off the bat he returned the kick for a touchdown. He continued to destroy me for the entire first half.

  • The Importance Of Brains In Football

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    action.” Therefore, you must have brains and brawn to succeed at sports. When you are at the bat, about to make a basket, going for a touchdown, or either about to do a full twisting backflip on the balance beam you are using so much of your mental stamina you might not even realize it. Say if you are on

  • Joe Montana Research Paper

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    fourth quarter it was now 35-21. They got two more touchdowns to tie the game 35-35. In overtime, the 49ers kicker Ray Wersching kicked a 34-yard field goal to win the game 38-35. Joe Montana’s stats were off the charts. He went 20/32 for 402 yards and 4 touchdowns. During the end of the season he totaled up for 1,795 yards, 15 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. During the time of 1981-1983 he was an elite player. He averaged 324 yards a game and 3 touchdowns a game. He played in 4 super bowls during that

  • Peyton Manning Biography

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    have finally come to present you with his top six career highlights! Number Six: Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl XLI During the star player’s ninth season on the field, he made a record Super Bowl win against South Florida. With a swift, 53-yard touchdown pass to fellow Colt Reggie Wayne, he raked in victory in the 2006 Super Bowl. Truly a legendary move, and it also won him the MVP award. Number Five: The 2006 AFC Championship In the world of football, any day becomes legendary when you finally

  • Franco Harris Short Biography

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    was able to master his ability and skills there. As a result, he accumulated 25 touchdowns and over 2000 (rushing) yards by 1970. In The League After his time with Penn State, Franco Harris was entered into the NFL draft pick and was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers as their first choice for running back. Once Franco hit the field, it was on from there. In his rookie debut, he scored an amazing 11 touchdowns and ran over 1000

  • Cam Newton: Basketball's Greatest Football Player

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    Cameron Jerrell Newton was born on May 11th, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia. As the starting quarterback in his junior season he passed for 2,500 yards and scored 23 touchdowns, while rushing for 638 yards and nine touchdowns. His performance gained the attention of many major college programs; and in his senior season he was ranked in