1.1 Explain The Concept Of The Customer Experience

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1.1 Explain the concept of the “customer experience” The concept of the customer experience is based on the idea of meeting the needs and expectations of the customer. It is also based on what the customer had got from purchasing the products and services, how good that service was/is and would they come back. The concept of the customer experience refers to the all the experiences the customer has with Salons Direct and is based on all dealings and opinions about us. Customer experience is a fundamental part of customer relationship management and it is important to our business because customers who have a positive experience are more likely to become repeat customers and loyal customers of Salons Direct. 1.2 Explain different methods of segmenting and characterising customers The key to a successful business is to find out who our customer base is, what the customer wants, the age, gender, spending patterns etc. This is the reason we have marketing research because it can identify different customers and recognise what we need to do as a company to meet the demands of the market and keep us competitive. …show more content…

Because we sell hair and beauty products we will tend to look at specific customer groups and this will help us to potential sell add ons to our customers. By targeting this group can help us with giving them special offers and ultimately getting them to spend more money with us. Customers have different needs and wants and it is up to the organisation to recognise this and offer them what they require and will help us build up not only a good existing loyal customer base but help introduce new

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