14th Amendment Research Paper

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John is a young 17 year old young man that lives in the poor side of chicago, this man killed a man when he was walking home from school because he was being robbed.
The second man is Dawson he is a 19 year old man who is wealthy and lives in a nice house in beverly hills. This man killed his best friend because he was drunk and thought his friend was a burglar who was robin his house.
Both of these men committed similar crimes who do you think is going to be let off easy and who was sentenced to life in prison or the harsher consequences?
Although people claim that our society is all good and nobody is racist our society is falling down and lately we have found lots of racist issues with our justice system.
When the fourteenth amendment was established in 1886 it stated that all men would be equal for some reason the justice system has forgotten about this amendment, that many people have fought for like Martin L. King, and Alice Paul. There have been a lot of issues …show more content…

u might be asking yourself. Dawson was a white man and he got off but he had to pay a big fine since he had money so it wasn 't a big deal no one questioned and asked he just had to pay and serve 1 year in a minimum security prison where he chose and as soon as he was let go his record was cleaned for further job opportunities. Meanwhile John was sent to a level 4 security prison where he served 20 years in prison and when he got out he would be like usless because that would be on his record and nobody will want to hire him.In the united states has a lot of racial issues if you remember who you choose some people would say that they both committed similar crimes and that they should get the same sentence but sadly as you have seen the justice system does not think that and they would let the white guy leave with a fine and they would sentence the african american. if you haven 't realized the african american is john and the white man

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