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Examination Test Re-test Reliability of the 1RM Bench Press and Leg Press Between Males and Females Jariel Jack 68563 Abstract The 1RM is widely considered a reliable measure of maximal strength One-repetition most extreme (1RM) in weight preparing is the greatest measure of power that can be produced in one maximal withdrawal. One redundancy greatest can be utilized for deciding a person's most extreme quality. The rationale of this study was to examine the test re-test reliability of the 1RM bench press in undergraduate students. Thirteen healthy participants (Subject age: S= 23.31 ± SD = 6.97yrs; Mass: M = 73.59 ± SD = 14.33 kgs) completed the 1RM leg press and bench press over 2 testing sessions. A Pearson …show more content…

Measured participant’s stature and mass (in socks). The participant laid supine on the flat bench with feet firmly on the floor. We made sure that the bar was in line with the participant’s eyes. We had two experimenters stand at either side of the weights bar to assist the participant if needed. We estimated the participant’s 1RM. For experienced participants, have them estimate their maximum. For first time participants, we estimated their perceived 1RM using their body weight. Each participant performed a light warm-up of 5-10 repetitions at 40 to 60% of perceived maximum weight. We had the participant grip the bar with an overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The participant lifted the bar extending the wrists very slightly to release the catch-hooks. The subject lowered the bar until it is just above the chest, then push the bar up to full elbow extension (should have a 3-5 degree bend) while maintaining body position and without arching the back. Breathe in as the bar is lowered and exhale as the bar is …show more content…

There was a significantly strong relationship was found between sessions 1 and 2 for males, r = 0.988, n = 6, p = 0.001. While a high correlation was found for females, this did not attain a statistical significance, r = 0.639, n = 7, p = 0.122. Nevertheless, a Pearson product moment correlation found a significantly strong relationship between the 2 sessions, suggesting that the 1RM is a reliable measure of maximum strength. Discussion In the recent study, our main findings showed that the 1RM test, is a reliable and simple method for assessing maximum strength for both men and women. These two studies supported our study, Reliability of the One-Repetition Maximum Test Based on Muscle Group and Gender; and Comparison Between Bench Press and Leg Press for Changes in Serum Creatine Kinase Activity And Muscles Soreness. The differences were, when separated by test type, there was a significantly a high correlation was found for the 1RM bench press, r = 0.997, n = 7, p = 0.001. While the 1RM leg press was found, it was not significant, r = 0.772, n = 6, p = 0.072.

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