28 Days Later Themes

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The Tenth Grade English curriculum at Fair Lawn High School focuses on the works of famous British literature. This Sophomore level English course focuses on some main themes including social satire, gender inequality issues and racism, the duality of human nature, etc. The movie 28 Days Later directed by Danny Boyle covers a post 9/11 zombie apocalyptic world where the main character, Jim, and his newly met friends struggle to survive in a time where the only other people alive are infected with a viral rage virus. The movie 28 Days Later should be incorporated into the 10th grade curriculum because it fits one of the main themes in the the curriculum:The duality of human nature, by the infected humans and Jim showing the other sides of themselves.…show more content…
This theme pertains to 28 Days Later because when the people get infected by the rage virus, they become to totally different people. One side of them is their normal self that is good and then there's the bad side of them which is what the humans show when infected by the virus. The bad side normally is just a fraction of the personality but in this case, once the humans get infected by the virus, it switches and the bad side takes over as the primary personality. In this movie, all of the infected humans cannot control themselves and lose control of their normal personality, which at this point is barely still left in them. In the movie, the main character, Jim, towards the end of the movie, gets infected by the rage virus but learns to control it. For example, in the movie, “Jim kills a man aggressively as he rips another man's eyes out and then runs over towards his friend selena. Selena is scared to die because he is infected and would most likely kill her, but Jim controls the virus with his ego that balances the sides of him out and doesn't let the virus and infection take control of him” (Boyle). 28 Days Later also connects to the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because Jim is a very similar character to Dr. Jekyll. Both characters have two sides to them, but the only difference is that Jim can control and balance between his good and evil side, while Jekyll fails to control his transformation between the two sides of
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