A Brief Biography Of Twyla Wells-Wetherbee

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Twyla Wells-Wetherbee: Twyla is a 13 year old girl with blondish brownish hair and pretty blue eyes that sparkled and shine like an million sapphires. Twyla goes to the Ravenwood Institute of the Fine Arts and Sciences. Twyla excels at creative writing and calligraphy. Twyla finds out in her creative reading class about her powers of writing. Twyla soon gets nicknamed the author because she is always writing her own stories and editing others stories. She discovers her ability to write her own story and direct the course of her life. Twyla is 5’4. Twyla is petite and small boned. She is very pretty and has a lilting voice with a sweet disposition. She is an orphan whose parents were killed in a car crash when a drunk driver rammed them off the road. She is scared of drunks, small spaces, large crowds, needles, and heights. She has aquaphobia, the fear of being abandoned and abandonment. Her birthday is on May 5th. …show more content…

Hailee is in the acting classes and the life sciences units. Only a 1/100 people can get into the Ravenwood Institute of the Fine Arts and Sciences and the entire Wetherbee family was accepted into it. She is 5’6. Hailee has shoulder length brown hair and greeny brown eyes. She has a gentle smile and a warm and sunny disposition. She tries to be warm and inviting to Twyla, but Twyla is wary of strangers. She is scared of spiders, snakes, and dogs. Her birthday is on November

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