A Dream In Sandra Cisneros 'A Smart Cookie'

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Have you ever lost connection with a significant dream? An unattained dream is a possible long time goal that one cannot achieve. When somebody does not persevere to attain their dream they can fill with regret. Both passages “A Smart Cookie” a vignette by Sandra Cisneros and Harlem a poem by Langston Hughes illustrate that unattained dreams leave a person in a state of depression. Passage 1, a vignette by Sandra Cisneros titled “A Smart Cookie”, acknowledges that not following through with a dream can result in that haunting failure and/or loss. The vignette is about how a mother reflects on her life and how she “...could have been something…” This passage characterises Mrs. Cordero as shameful and depressed. For example, she said “shame is a bad thing, you know” which demonstrated that she was greatly shameful of her poor life decisions and failure to follow her aspirations. According to the line “I could’ve been something, you know” the reader can infer that …show more content…

In fact, the dream might just “expire” altogether. This poem conveys all of the devastating disasters that could happen when a dream is deferred. “Harlem” uses the literary device, tone, to articulate the negatives on unfilling a dream. The powerful poem implies that horribles things happen when one does not attain their dream in the line” Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” This quote exposes that if a dream is forgotten it will rue. According to the line, “Maybe it just sags like a heavy load”, goals that are incomplete (or dreams deferred rather) can haunt a person with remorse. Finally, the poet writes “Or does it explode?”, this rhetorical question suggests that in some severe cases, one not attaining their dream can leave collateral damage like a bomb would. Therefore, this passages depicts how great of an influence not chasing a dream can

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