A Handful Of Dust Character Analysis

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Dedication and compassion in a relationship are integral pieces to make the relationship last. Trusting the other person is an essential part of all relationships. A Handful of Dust written by Evelyn Waugh, revolves around Tony Last, his wife Brenda, and their failing relationship. Tony is more passionate and loving towards his house, Hetton, than he is with his wife. Bored with Tony and his obsession with Hetton, Brenda begins to focus more on John Beaver, a twenty-five-year-old social climber. The personality traits and characteristics that Tony and Brenda possess ultimately contribute to the end of their relationship. Their pompous and conceited ways and their actions that are prompted by these traits have affected their lives both inside and outside of their marriage.…show more content…
However, Tony has allowed for Hetton's grounds to be open to the public and people can take tours if requested. The elaborate, but low-spirited depiction of Hetton illustrates the public’s lack of interest in the house. Nevertheless, from Tony's standpoint, Hetton represents his childhood and happiness. The description of Hetton lists the features of it that Tony loves. Features such as "the ecclesiastical gloom of the great hall … were a source of constant delight and great exultation to Tony; things of tender memory and proud possession" (14). The difference in opinions between the description of Hetton in the Guide Book and how Tony view Hetton is obvious. The Guide Book and the public do not see anything enjoyable about the house while Tony praises it. Despite everyone's disapproval, Tony cares very little about what others think and uses the lack of support toward Hetton to justify his disregard of others, including his wife
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