A Rhetorical Analysis Of Malcolm X Speech

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“I had a nightmare”, stated Malcolm, a nightmare that one man who was born in a white man Hell. For this man who grew up in Hell now wants his followers to stand up. Thousands of followers, who believe in the cause, to stand up and start swinging mot start singing. The man named Malcolm Little or more known as Malcolm X, a Muslim black man who fights for black rights and hope to see the community have their own independent government. The motor that drives Malcolm X into this speech was the motion. He had so much emotion he stated “you’re nothing but a 20 century slave “made anger from African Americans. The realization created many to feel emotions like Malcolm has been having. Emotions of wanting to not become the minority to a man of different pigment of color. Malcolm also stay “if you're black you were born black in the North or South.” Jail is known mainly meant for criminals and the Americans would classify the black community as criminals. Malcolm has experienced imprisonment first hand and seizes the community imprisoned even though they are not in jail. Malcolm wants to prevent this by creating his own community without feeling imprisoned of the white man’s code. Without …show more content…

He states, “They don't hang you for being Baptist they hang you for being black.” for your skin is not the correct colors, your either way going to be segregated as black. He does not sugar coat it like others, He states how the true manner the African Americans face. He wants them to stand up for something, like a community. he also continues, stating “the government failed us”. He also states the government as also being the white community. He wants the sad truth of whites failing the promises to end. Malcolm X wants to black community to create a fulfilling government without empty hopes. He wants the logical thing for his fellow African Americans and it is to have a community run by its own black

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