A Rhetorical Analysis Of Super Bowl Baby Legends

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A commercial that inspires people to be whatever they want when they grow up is something that everybody wants, especially parents. The super bowl baby legends has a very good idea on what they intend to get out of that commercial. The super bowl has many young viewers, which is a good opportunity to put an inspiring commercial in between cuts. The super bowl baby legends is a very eye catching commercial that is also very inspiring for any person trying to play football or even any person who just needs a little inspiration. The commercial has a good viewpoint for anybody of any age group. It shows that anybody can be whatever they want when they get older. Although cute babies is a good idea to bring in to grab the viewers attention, it also has ethos to grab their attention even more. We all know the super bowl is a massive event for Americans, but sometimes the commercials are what people look forward to. The NFL has been around for many years and is a very known business. It has a good visual of the name and all the super bowl legends throughout the whole commercial which shows respect to the NFL legends. The logic in this commercial kind of lacks but it has some logic that represents logos for it. The commercial has very known legends which shows they did research on knowing each of the legends. The commercial has many historical …show more content…

From emotional examples to aesthetically pleasing characters, this commercial really grabs the audience’s attention with babies. The commercial has a great visual of how anybody can be whatever they want to be in this world. The commercial states, “You’re the meaning of life, you are inspiration.” Once people see those babies dressed up as older people it makes people very happy and it doesn’t bore anybody like other commercials. The babies also have very good facial expressions mimicking the super bowl

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