ADHD In Classroom

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Teachers Modifications in the Classroom to help Students with ADHD ADHD is the acronym for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention hyperactivity and sometimes impulsivity. People who are diagnosed with ADHD experience the following sympotoms: being frequently off task, have a lack of focus and are disorganized. ADHD is a very overlooked condition, but it is something that affects kids in many ways and makes certain tasks very difficult. Many modifications can be used in the classroom setting to help enhance the learning of a student with ADHD. Diagnosis Diagnosing kids with ADHD can be very hard because there are many mannerisms that must be present for an extended amount of time.…show more content…
Though many teachers do not understand techniques, there are a lot of different little things teachers can do in the classroom to maximize a student 's learning. Some simple things that a teacher can do is avoid putting a lot of posters up in their room, especially ones that are busy and give the student a lot to focus on. Placing desks in a row with the focus being on the teacher as well as seating the child away from doors and windows can be very beneficial to the student. One very important thing is when you are having them take tests, make sure students with ADHD have a very quiet, distraction free area. Also do not have them take timed tests, they will not perform as well on…show more content…
Besides physical things there is a lot the teacher can do verbally. Make sure when giving out an assignment the teacher verbally expresses expectations and when expressing these expectations make sure they are making eye contact with that student so the teacher knows they have their attention. The teacher does not need to speak to the teacher in a childish tone but when giving instructions or a lecture they should talk slowly and say things one at a time. Make sure the student has a binder so they can easily separate their assignments, which will make it easier for the student to stay organized. Visual learning is a lot easier for students so try and have a visual aid available when lecturing and if you don 't have one put key points in writing on the board. A teacher can also adjust a few assignments for students with ADHD. For instance, kids with ADHD have a hard time doing group projects and projects that are stretched out over the course of a week or two. If possible avoid having them do group projects and if unavoidable make sure the student with ADHD knows his or her specific role and responsibilities. If they have a long term project, make sure to break it down into segments. For example, make Tuesdays and Fridays check-in days and each check in day have recommended checkpoint for the project. This way those kids have specific things that should be done by certain days. Along with that allow students to do hands-on activities, don 't make all of the assignments work
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