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After a few weeks to observe the 4th ABCT, I have had the opportunity to gather the facts that will facilitate my overall assessment and way ahead for the BCT. The unit still has the legacy of greatness that I remember serving with as a battalion commander, and has the potential to regain that prowess. Sadly, a failure in leadership at the senior field grade level is the reason this BCT is not reaching its full potential. ADP 6-22 defines leadership as, “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.” The current leadership of 4th ABCT has failed to provide the purpose, direction, and motivation to the Soldiers in order to accomplish the mission,…show more content…
In an effort to mitigate these issues and improve the organization, I will provide purpose, direction, and motivation through the following organizational vision statement: 4th ABCT carries a legacy as the best trained, most highly disciplined, and agile and adaptable unit that can assume any mission and win decisively. Our inspired Soldiers and leaders are renowned for physical and mental toughness, innovation, unwavering character, competence, and commitment to our team; a team built on trust and strengthened by our…show more content…
I believe that building a strong coalition for the sake of refining the BCT’s vision will be the best way for me to exemplify the tenets of mission command and lead with humility up front in order to get “buy-in” with my team. I intend to execute this through an off-site team-building workshop. Initially, I will separate the NCOs and officers. For the officers, I will additionally separate the commanders and other field grades in an effort to get true assessments without undue command influence. I expect the BN XOs to be very beneficial to this process, as I believe they have a good grasp on the strengths and weaknesses of the BCT. We will then come together and compile everyone’s input in order to refine the goals and develop a prioritized list of tasks to accomplish the goals (the initial tasks listed within my vision section above will be withheld from this event so I do not influence the team). At this point, it will no longer be my vision, but rather our vision as a coalition of leaders prepared to drive

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