Abner Double Day: The Sport Of Baseball

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Abner Doubleday in his early 20s was the man who invented the game commonly known as baseball.In Cooperstown, New York, during the summer of 1839, Abner then brought up the idea of a ball being batted by a bat.He then went on to be Civil war hero, leaving Baseball behind not knowing it would be America’s beloved pastime.Baseball as defined in the dictionary, “a ball game played between two teams of nine on a field with a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases.” This definition however does not cover the lengths and difficult regulations the game contains.Jezek (2006) believes that “throwing a baseball from a distance of 50-60 feet at a target only 18 inches wide requires precise skill. It’s far more difficult than the typical practice of throwing…show more content…
The field is shaped of a diamond, holding nine positions on the field for defensive side. While also on the diamond field, a small box wherein batters of the offence side take their turn to bat one at a time. These sides , offence and defence switch ones the defence side has obtained the three outs. The nine positions in Baseball are catcher, pitcher, leftfield, rightfield, centerfield, third base, second base, first base and shortstop. Each are placed strategically and tasked with roles given by the coach of the team. There are numerous plays possible to occur during a Baseball game, such as a double play or triple play. During these occurrences, the defence obtains two-three outs at the same time.The lengths of a Baseball game may go from 2-3 hours depending on the age group. The duration of the game is divided by innings, innings are the “levels” of the game, these levels may be passed once the three outs are obtained by the defence…show more content…
Due to the numerous rules and regulations modified throughout the years, the sport has become complex. If you were to play, it would be best if started early. There are just plenty of things to understand about the sport , so if you would start late, it would be a difficulty for you. Cole (2008) said that “mental toughness in baseball is huge, it can flip the momentum of the game anytime.” The sport is played by millions today and that number will continue to grow.Baseball will continue to be one of the most enthusiastic and thrill catching games to

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