Abortion Ethical Worldviews

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People come into contact with ethical dilemmas every day whether they know it or not. Every day they must use the knowledge that they have of the world and their worldview to make choices. Sometimes those choices have consequences, whether good or bad, that they must face. People must navigate their way through these dilemmas based on what their worldview is. These dilemmas also can shape or re-shape these worldviews as well. I will examine the abortion ethical dilemma in accord to my own worldview, and compare it to other options of resolving the dilemma.
Ethical Dilemma
This case involves a woman who knows she is pregnant with a child who will be born with Down syndrome. The topic of abortion was brought up to her when she spoke to her …show more content…

They can be against it because the child in that womb may be the next Albert Einstein or Stephan Hawking. One thing pro-lifers love to debate it what that child may do when it grows up. Out of 100 people who have abortions, 85 of those women are unmarried and single. Another fact is that people with lower incomes are more likely to have abortions that people with higher incomes (Abort73.com, 2015). That is simple math, because it takes a great amount of money to feed and clothe a child, and those lower income household just do not have that money. Whether or not someone can afford a child can be a big factor in whether they choose to have a …show more content…

She has to think not only about herself but about her child. What kind of life would that child have? Would she want a life like that? She must answer all of these questions before she can answer the ultimate one: Will she abort her child? It cannot be an easy thing to go through and it must weigh heavily on a person. There is no doubt that it may be one of the toughest choices of her life. For someone who is Christian, this question comes with many more problems: Will the church understand? Will God forgive me? I hope to have the right judgement if I ever come across a situation such as

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