Absolutism In The Persian Letters By Montetesquieu

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This document was written in 1721 as The Persian Letters by Montesquieu with the purpose of mocking French society by attacking the despotism. In the document, he also criticizes the absolutism by pointing out the hypocrisy of the King after his death. This document was directed at The King but it was for the public to hear. This document specifically focuses on and satirizes the abuse of the King’s power during his reign. This document was essential in the success of separation of powers because it pointed out the social class gaps and disadvantages of a monarchy. He aims to show the comparison between King Louis XIV and the oppressive oriental despots. Overall, Montesquieu aims to satirize and define government and society. I think that in criticizing the deceased King, he also points out the lack of human rights by stating that the King, while he had inexhaustible finances, his soldiers and his people are living in poverty. I think that this source is biased but not necessarily false. It seems like it is propaganda to perturb the people about the monarchy, and although many people shared the opinions of Montesquieu, he only provides one argument and only gives his opinions. The fact that he was writing during the Enlightenment helps to explain his purpose in writing because through his papers, he was able to subvert the legitimacy of the monarchy. Montesquieu on Government and Liberty, 1741 This document was originally written by Montesquieu and his purpose is to

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