Adoption: The Dangers Of Abortion

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Abortion should, by all means, try to be prevented. Many people say that it is acceptable to go through with this procedure but it is cruel. Undergoing this procedure means taking the life of an innocent unborn baby. Abortion is the foolish way out of a pregnancy; there are other options to take into consideration. For example, adoption is always an option. This is an option that could be a blessing to a single woman, couple unable to conceive, or same-sex couple. Adoption saves the life of a baby but allows the birth mother to have their freedom. Killing a baby through abortion or illegal abortion is not the answer for someone’s mistake. Women should think through the important and life changing decision of having an abortion. How could …show more content…

The victims don’t want to be reminded of the horrific tragedy that occurred. Rape victims have to deal with anger and pain but they should take into consideration that the baby is not to blame. Even though they do not want to be reminded of what happened to them, there are other solutions like adoption. Adoption is a great solution for any woman out there that is considering abortion and not just situations of rape, incest, or contraception failure. Adoption gives a couple that is unable to have a child an opportunity to create a family. Opting to give your child up for adoption could bring joy to a couple that is not able to have a child of their own. It also allows the baby to live a happy and healthy life. Women need to take time to turn down the idea of an abortion and look a other positive choices that do not involve killing an innocent …show more content…

They should think about not allowing their child to ever take its first breath of air or never opening their eyes to see light. They should think about their baby not being able to learn how to walk or never seeing their baby smile all because of a selfish decision. They should think about missing out on seeing their child grow. Take into consideration that if a woman makes the choice of having an abortion, she can never change it. Once the operation is done, it cannot be taken back. Make the right decision and look over the other options to save the life of an unborn baby. Every child’s life matters in the world; every pair of little feet, every little nose, and most importantly every little

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