Advantage And Disadvantage Of Brics

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An emerging market is a nation with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization.
Several of the world’s developing economies, often known to investors as emerging markets. These markets are rapidly growing into global centers of economic growth. This is mainly important since emerging economies are considered to be in the development stage. These “smaller” economies now add up to a major force.
The emerging markets comprise most or all of Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia, the Middle East and Asia, excluding Japan. Some emerging economies are heavily needy on product exports while others have extensive service and manufacturing sectors. Therefore these markets are of importance to the developed
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When South Africa took up its seat as the fifth member of BRICS, exports grew to 16.8%, experiencing a growth of 29% by the end of that same year.
• South Africa is already attracting the attention of Chinese investors in certain key sectors, example the mining sector.
• South Africa´s hosting of the BRICS grouping of emerging market economies in 2013, and its growing stature as the newest member of that grouping, joining Brazil, Russia, India and of course China, is a tangible indicator of the growing interest in South Africa as a potential business investment destination with its endogenous factors.
• Developed world-standard financial, legal and accounting institutions mean corporate governance is of as high a standard in South Africa as in any other emerging market country.
• They also make the country a gateway to investment into the rest of Africa.
• BRICS has offered the ideal platform for South Africa to promote pet causes like United Nations
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One of Africa’s largest sources of investment, are South Africa’s commercial banks are conducive to the growth of financial service sectors in Africa. South Africa advocates the unity of developing countries and reform of global governance to safeguard the interests of the developing world.
The Benefits that a more intergraded approach in Africa would and the reasons for a lack of any significant co-operation with Africa:
For the decision for South Africa to join BRICS and CIVETS allows for further development and strengthening to be done in Africa
South Africa is positioning itself as the Gateway to Africa. It has promoted itself as an integral link to the African continent.
SA has positioned itself for BRIC and CIVET investment in South Africa’s to advance the economy, plus a base for further investment by the BRICS in the African continent.
The Republic also has institutional stability, historically strong financial markets, and successful managing that is good for foreign investors, for South Africa and the whole African

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