Advantages And Impacts Of E-Business

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Part 2 (a) Advantage  Publicize – Using Social media to promote or telling other people around the world what goods and services provide by Groupon and Lelong.  Communicate – Social media help e-business Company to communicate and make good relationship with their stakeholders.  Enlarge market size – It can assistance your company to attract new customers by Social media (Facebook) and it may enlarge your company market size.  Build company reputation – Social media may increase your company reputation and also build up your e-business brand.  Find out what customer think of your company – by using Social media customer easy to know what business your company is running. Disadvantage  Rapid spread of the wrong kind of information of your e-business. Example a small kind of thing that your company didn’t do properly and other will spread it to the world and it will became a serious case.  Lack of feedback control – In the social media world any user can provide they feedback on the spot and you cannot hide the negative feedback. If too many feedback make your e-business look unprofessional.  Privacy issues – Risk on hacker to attack your company social media, their will stole, modified or change your company page’s information.  Fraud case – It is so easy for someone he/she to pretend is you and monitor your company social media, posting the wrong information to the world.  Time consuming – companies need waste so time to commit resources to managing your social

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