Advantages Of Benefit Realisation Of Ryanair

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Benefit realisation
Benefit realisation is “measurable improvement resulting from an outcome which is perceived as an advantage by the stakeholder” In other words when a company asks themselves why are they doing this? Reasons being for the improvement of the company.

In the early 2000’s Ryanair benefited from there plan of having “no frills” and to maximise the amount of passengers they could carry they put in as many extra seats as they could they also reduced the size of their cabin crew area and removed the second toilet to facilitate this. There plan was to get passengers from A-B as fast and as efficiently as possible. They also charged higher rates for bags to board their planes this was done as a cost and time saving measure. It
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CEO of Ryanair Michael O’leary soon realised it was time to invest in new aircraft to improve the customer experience.Ryanair’s competition was catching up so they decided to somewhat abandon the no-frills strategy that had made them Europe's leading low cost airline they needed to regain the trust of the passengers in their effort to do so they created a new user friendly website that offered package holidays they also launched a new app for smartphone users they abolished their rule of having only one carry on bag. These changes have been of benefit to the company.After our research we can say that Ryanair is an expert in the understanding of benefit…show more content…
They announced recently that they will have a new coachbase app to allow users use the app offline where they do not have a direct internet connection. The app will revolutionise travel for the customer. Ryanair's use if information technology has been at the forefront of the airlines success changing the way people travel and making it more efficient and easier for the consumer it frees up booking time and paper costs for the customer the new website and apps have certainly changed with the times. As a group we can say that in our opinion ryanair's use of information technology has been of great benefit to the

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