Integrating Technology In The Classroom

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How to integrate technology in the classroom

Technology has played an important role in teaching the educational process. Educators not only need to be aware of these changes within their subject, they must adapt to the changes in the society they live in[1] . The advent of computers has had a great impact on education. Computers have a place in schools because of their deep influence on all aspects of our life. Technology has always been a major focus on Educator. For this archive compiles, many of the features we have done on the subject of using technology in the classroom. Many of these articles have been updated or even rewritten as technology changes. That reason we have to adapt ourselves to change
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This definition also depends on who is using the technology. For instance, in a classroom with only a whiteboard and some books, learning will remain teacher centered and integration will revolve around teacher needs, which are not necessarily student needs. Still, there are ways to use an interactive whiteboard to make it a tool for your students. Even with one computer in the room, there are ways to integrate that one machine into your classroom and still make sure that you and your students are indeed doing things that you couldn 't do before, not just doing the same things you did before in a quicker, more efficient way. Technology contributes to global development and diversity in classrooms and helps develop our future, our country and human been. In order for technology to make an impact within the educational system, teachers and students must access to technology in a contextual matter that is culturally relevant, responsive and meaningful to their educational practice and that promotes quality teaching and active student learning.[2] Following the moment when educators realize their students are capable, independent technology users who can create inspiring digital…show more content…
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