Advantages Of Project Based Cooperative Learning

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COMPUTER-SUPPORTED COLLABORATIVE LEARNING CSCL helps to enhance the student’s learning experience and performance through ICT technology. This type of development is called the E-learning 2.0, Traditional teaching method using E-learning tools is called E-learning 1.0. Whereas application of ICT tool in the teaching and learning strategy is called E-learning 2.0. According to Johson- Eilola ”smart board system helps the active collaboration among the learners”. It also motivates the learners to actively participate in the learning process. They can actively work together in the learning process. Nowadays virtual conferences and synchronous learning can be easily utilized using the latest ICT tools. Students in the synchronous learning…show more content…
Project based cooperative learning methodology motivates the learners to communicate themselves to solve the problems through group formation among the learners. Educators can also contact many other professionals related to their profession through group formation. It motivates the educators to study further related to their profession. It reduces the stress in the learning environment. Active participation using latest mobile technology enhances the cooperative culture among the learners and educators. It also develops the self-esteem and self-reliance among the users. Web learning system gives wider opportunity to mix all the print, audio, video, animated media files in the learning…show more content…
E-resources include Online-journals, e-books, CD-ROM, DVDs, Online-databases, web libraries, etc. There are many difficulties in implementation of ICT in the learning environment. Firstly, educational administrators need to allocate the required funds for the purchase of hardware, software, technical training, technical support, installations, etc. Secondly, educational technologists should find the ways to integrate the ICT into the curriculum of the current educational system. They have to ensure the accessibility without any technical barriers to learning and teaching process and the environment

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