Barcodes Technology Essay

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Advantages of RFID technology and Comparisons with Barcode Technology
The usage of radio frequency identification (RFID) has increases and slowly been taking over the use of barcodes technology nowadays. This is due the many advantages RFID technology have as compared to barcodes technology.
One of the utmost important technical advantages of RFID is that it does not require human intervention as it assists in tracking items automatically (Prakashan N, 2007). This helps in cutting down the labour costs, improves accuracy and speed of gaining the data (Xu. M, 2007). Significantly, in-depth management functions can be supported by the actual time information obtained directly (Xu M., 2007). The most relevant industry that gain this benefits are toll collection system, as many toll roads in the United
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The scale of an application and the types of business determine the investment of a RFID application (Xu M., 2007). Due to the complexity of electronic tags and readers, RFID application is usually more costly than a barcode application (Xu M., 2007). Even though RFID may have advantages on a business, however the investment cannot be covered by possible profit increases at a very short period (Xu M., 2007).
One of the limitation RFID systems still faces is the technical challenges to real-world application (Weis S.A., n.d.). Interference due to other wireless systems, or unknown sources are frequently experienced by readers and tags (Weis S.A., n.d.). This interference are caused by environmental peculiarities (Weis S.A., n.d.). To be able to recognize these problems, it required trial and error, and practical experience (Weis S.A., n.d.). Nevertheless, it will caused performance issues by just merely relocating or shifting readers (Weis S.A.,
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