Advertising Dustbowls Analysis

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Advertising, Dustbowls, and Automobiles While reading Lands of Consumption: Auto Tourism and visual culture in California, 1920-1940, I couldn’t help but make connections between advertising back then compared to today. Advertisements today are much more competitive and have different means of reaching the consumers, but the idea is still the same. Get the consumer to buy your product. Today consumers are influenced by more than just the advertisements put in front of them, but also the media. I learned in one of my other classes that the media basically controls what advertisements you are exposed to. For example, all radio stations can be traced back to roughly six companies. Therefore you will hear the same music being played, the same advertisements, and the same types of shows. This goes for TV, the…show more content…
People stopped using their cars for leisure and this greatly affected the tourism in California. Southern California automobile tourism saw a huge hit. “Blame seekers targeted advertisers for over stimulating consumer desires,” (J. Otts page 59) for the reason why the stock market crashed. They blamed the advertisements for being so good, that consumers couldn’t resist, which caused them to buy more than they could afford. Quickly people started to notice “a trickle of migrants,” (J. Otts page 60) and they weren’t coming to California for tourism, but instead in look of work. It was then that the advertisements and billboards took a turn and started becoming disclaimers warning immigrants that in fact there were no jobs here in California. It eventually got so bad the Los Angeles Police department set up road blockades and check points for the immigrants to try and stop them from entering California. They didn’t prevail, and by 1960 “there were more than 1.7 million Oklahomans, Texans, Arkansans, and Missourians living in California, constituting one eighth of the state population.” (J. Gregory page
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