Affordable Care Act Pros And Cons

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The Affordable Care Act is a health-care reform bill that was put in place by President Barack Obama in 2010, but is being reevaluated because of the election of President Donald Trump in 2017. In 2010, Barack Obama implemented his plan to make health-care more affordable for everyone in the United States, whereas this health-care bill was only made in order to assist people in poverty afford health-care. When originally passed, the Affordable Care Act was being passed to improve the quality of care being offered to patients on Medicaid. The original plan also included four different payment plans for insurance through the government. According to Tamara Thompson in the introduction of the anthology, The Affordable Care Act, the Affordable …show more content…

John is not alone with his companion; according to Gale Student Resources in a recent article,” Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),” 7.7 million people suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, in the United States, in 2010. Many people with mental health disorders receive assistance from the government for medical insurance. According to Jayne O'Donnell and Terry DeMio, in their recent USA Today article, "Mental Health, Addiction Coverage in Jeopardy," thirty percent of people being supported by the Affordable Care Act suffer from a mental health disorder. They also added that one in five people in the United States alone had a diagnosed mental health disorder in 2016. The number of people that need assistance in the United States is growing, and the new political reforms must reflect those numbers. Citizens with mental health issues are not alone. Many other people will be affected by the health-care changes at the federal level, such as women seeking help in a family planning clinic. According to Christine Vestal, in her recent article, "Fearing Cuts, Many Women Stock Up on Birth Control," because of the increase use of birth control methods in the United States, there has been a twenty-six percent decrease in the number of abortions since President Obama became president in 2008. There has been such a significant …show more content…

Ann Carrns in her recent New York Times article, "Health Savings Accounts: Don't Leave Money on the Table," states, “If you have an eligible, high-deductible health plan, you can establish a Health Savings Account and set aside funds, tax-free, to pay for medical expenses that your insurance doesn't cover, including co-payments and your deductible -- the amount you have to pay out of pocket before insurance begins paying. You can have funds withdrawn pretax from your paycheck, or you can make contributions directly and deduct them on your tax return." Not only does using health savings account allow one to have a backup plan for insurance, it also gives you a tax deduction. In a recent article published by the PR Newswire, "Clarity Benefit Solutions Lists Six Ways to Make the Most of an HSA," it noted that a health savings account will save people money and will allow for the freedom of choice for health care insurance. PR Newswire also notes that health savings accounts are very flexible. For example, if your current employer sets up a health savings account for you, and you leave that position for a new one, the funds within your health savings account can be easily transferred to another account. Many employers also offer a match percentage, in which they will contribute a specified percentage based on

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