Pros And Cons Of Gop Health Care

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Where does the GOP's Healthcare bill stand? Big changes are expected from the GOP health care bill. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicated the premiums of those people who get their insurance covers from health exchange or from directly from an insurer will rise significantly by 20% in 2018. According to the non-partisan congressional budget office (CBO), the GOP bill will double the number of people without coverage. That CBO report makes it impossible for the bill to pass in the Senate where the Republicans are already facing challenges. Reuters quoted Republican Senate majority Mitch McConnell as saying that they don’t know how they will get 50 votes. It will take 50 votes from the 100 Senate chamber and in addition, Mike Pence would have to cast a vote to reach a majority. Coverage estimates The Guardian reports 23 million fewer people will get coverage by 2026. The older and sick people in the states will be more vulnerable to its effect including lifting the ban on high charges. The House …show more content…

The current premiums under affordable care act (ACA) rose because insurers can't reject people with preexisting conditions. The premise is, fewer package benefits will drive down the costs. People would be able to purchase covers with few benefits and lower premiums. However the budget report indicates out of pocket cost for mental health, maternity health and substance abuse will increase tremendously in some states by thousands of dollars. The GOP AHCA made some changes to win votes including banning insurers charging sick people more money. The changes also make it a mandatory requirement for covers to have basic benefits. The basic benefits include maternity care, mental health care, and prescription drugs coverage. The house speaker retorted in support “It is another positive step toward keeping our promise to repeal and replace

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