African American Discrimination In The Workplace

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After Black Tuesday, business took a devastating economic blow which caused them to let go some of their employees. Discrimination played a huge role in the workplace, but African Americans were affected the worst. Most were laid off from their jobs before the whites and were often rejected when they apply for a job because of their race. Although in the shanty towns it is completely different, the people do not look at people 's color because basically everyone is poor. “Multiple people would be making a tent and have meals together made of cabbages meat and beans” is what Louis Banks would say. During the depression-era, African Americans suffered from the elevated unemployment rate, which was two to three times of the whites. Whenever they went to get help from assistance programs they will get little help.…show more content…
Their goal was to boycott the chain store that had mostly African American customers, but only hire whites. Then after a few years in 1936 and 37, the founding of the National Negroes and the Southern Negro Youth Congress. When Roosevelt became president, the New deal can into effect. It allowed low cost public homes, education, and jobs to African
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